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  • Powder Spraying and Marking Device
    The powder spraying and marking gun is an important functional part of the CNC cutting machine. Its function is to mark the process line, graphics and part number on the surface of the steel plate. The working principle is that high-mesh zinc powder is melted by high-temperature flame and sprayed on the surface of the steel plate to form uniform and clear lines of zinc powder, which have certain corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  • QK-NC CNC System
    It is a mature controller that integrates our company's years of experience in the cutting industry. It is suitable for plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines. It has rich functions and simple operation. It provides customers with a complete set of CNC solutions for cutting machines, which is very popular with customers.
  • QHC-300 Plasma Torch Lifting System
    In order to meet customers' higher requirements for fine plasma, Qiankun's technical team specially designed a high-speed double helix ball screw fine plasma cutting torch Z-axis hanger, which perfectly fits the QK-NC PLUS CNC system.
  • QK Industrial Smoke Purifier
    Cutting machines are used more widely in the metal processing industry, which brings more serious pollution problems. The smoke and dust control of plasma cutting machines is becoming more urgent. We provide users QK Industrial Smoke Purifier. It is a suitable design of the smoke and dust purification system after filtering and directly discharged indoors or outdoors for recirculation, and the emission is less than 4.0mg/m3.
  • QHC-350/IMA-3D Bevel Cutting System
    After years of research and practice, Qiankun's technical team has developed a new generation of QHC-300QK/AB-3D PRO bevel cutting System. The bevel cutting system is made of high-strength wear-resistant aluminum alloy. It has two-way kinematic chain. Fully enclosed internal harmonic reducer and micro servo motor. Adapt to various harsh industrial conditions. It has higher precision and durability, and has a beautiful appearance.
  • QHC-350 / IMA-3D beveling turning mechanism

    Kunshan Qiankun and Italy IMA Technology Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new generation of QHC-350 / IMA-3D groove cutting rotation mechanism in independent research and development.

    This turning head device has high strength, high precision, high strength, smooth and smooth and fluid-free characteristics. The retorning head device consists of three parts: rotary mechanism, lifting mechanism, and anti-collision device.

Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

After more than ten years of continuous efforts, we have delivered more than one thousand sets of various cutting machines, which create value for customers all over the world. Every year, nearly half of the machines are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe.


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