Safety measures and maintenance of ground -orbit laser cutting machines
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Safety measures and maintenance of ground -orbit laser cutting machines

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  Local rail laser cutting machineIt is a high -precision, high -efficiency cutting equipment, which are widely used in industries such as metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. However, during the use process, due to the high energy and high power characteristics of laser, if you do not pay attention to safety measures and maintenance, it may cause serious damage and damage to personnel and equipment. Therefore, this article will introduce the safety measures and maintenance of the ground -track laser cutting machine.

  1. Security measures

  Trainer: Before the operation of the rail -orbiting laser cutting machine, you need to master professional training procedures and operating skills. Only trained personnel can operate, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation.

  Wearing protective equipment: The operator needs to wear protective equipment that meets standards, including protective glasses, gloves, masks, protective clothing, etc. These equipment can effectively protect the operator from being harmed by laser radiation and splash.

  Safety fence and warning signs: Set up safety fences and warning signs around the ground -orbit laser cutting machine to prevent unauthorized personnel from approaching the cutting area while reminding personnel to pay attention to safety.

  Regular inspection and maintenance: regularly check and maintain the ground -orbit laser cutting machine to ensure the safety performance of the equipment. Including the operating status and safety performance of various components such as cables, power supply, cooling systems, laser, etc., repairs and replace faulty parts in a timely manner.

  2. Maintenance

  Regular replacement of cutting head: The cutting head is a key component of the rail -orbit laser cutting machine. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the cutting quality and equipment life.

  Clean and lubricate regularly:Local rail laser cutting machineIt is necessary to clean and lubricate regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Cleaning includes cleaning and cutting areas, cleaning air road systems, and laser; lubrication includes moving parts such as lubrication rails, screws, slides, etc. to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the equipment.

  Regular inspection of electrical systems: Local -orbiting laser cutting machine is a highly efficient, high -precision cutting equipment, which is widely used in metal processing, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, aerospace and other fields. In order to ensure its safe operation and extension of the service life, a series of security measures and maintenance measures need to be adopted.

  First of all, regular inspection of electrical systems is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the ground -rail laser cutting machine. In daily use, it is necessary to check whether each electrical component runs normally and whether there is a short circuit of circuits. If you have any questions, you need to repair or replace it in time.

  Secondly, strengthening machine protection measures is also one of the necessary safety measures. The rail -orbiting laser cutting machine will generate high temperature and strong laser beams at runtime, which may cause harm to the personnel and the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out effective protective measures for the equipment, such as installing protective hoods and installing safety doors.

  In addition, regular inspection of the pneumatic system is also an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the ground -track laser cutting machine. The pneumatic system includes gas sources, air path, and pneumatic execution agencies. It is necessary to regularly check whether each part of the connection is tight and whether the air path is leaked. If there is a problem, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

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