QLaserCut CNC Plane Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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QLaserCut CNC Plane Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Good appearance,excellent workmanship;
The overall beam with dust protection; 
Camera on laser cutting torch; 
Easy to control gas and pressure via CNC; 
High-precision Z-axis height controllers implement cutting heads automatically up and downstart and automatic focus; 
High accuracy, high speed, high efficiency;  
It can complete 1: 0.5 small hole cutting.

In order to adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the R & D team of QK and Europe's professional cutting machine manufacturer has developed this QLaserCut®CNC Plane Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. The machine appearance is atmospheric. The workmanship is excellent, and the overall beam is transmitted. The laser cutting head has video surveillance. The cutting auxiliary gas and pressure can be digitally adjusted in the operating interface by CNC. Cutting parameters of various sheet thicknes in the CNC system are called at any time. 

High-precision Z-axis height controller accurately insens a distance between cutting heads and cutting targets, achieving cutting heads automatically up and down, automatically adjusting laser beam focus position. Fast response Z-axis can effectively avoid laser cutting heads Collision machine. 

High accuracy, high speed, and high efficiency. Each machine can perfectly complete 1: 0.5 small hole cutting.

The machine is mainly born to medium thick plate laser cuts, and is a recommended model in the range of medium and thick carbon steel sheets. 50 mm thick carbon steel plate can be cut.

  • Relute, active shock absorption function, strong rigidity, durability;

  • The main transmission components and electrical components use a first-line brand to ensure cutting accuracy and durability;

  • Stable QHC towers lifting device and double lift guide;

  • Easy to cut the thick steel plate to cut the multi-stage perforation function;

  • Can perform the management system MES connection with the customer's factory manufacturing;

  • Machine empty range speed 36 m / min, up to 0.4G acceleration can meet the need for sharp corners and small holes;

  • Customers can choose longitudinal straight rails and high-precision rails;

  • Optional automatic rail cleaning.

  • Machine lateral rail distance / mm: 2500-8000 (interval every 500mm);

  • Operating console: Q-Panel (optional follow-up and separate operator platform) Configure 19-inch industrial grade LCD touch screen display;

  • CNC system: QKNC + Qiankun Special Bus Control System (German Blessing Platform);

  • Laser cutting head: single-machine can be configured for a plurality of laser cutting heads and lift devices;

  • Z-axis height control; high-precision capacitive height controller accuracy is as high as ± 0.05 mm;

  • Laser light source: All models of domestic and imported laser light sources are configured;

  • 3D slope device: 3D groove device and lifting device Q350PRO;

  • Electrical control cabinet: independent electrical control integrated circuit board, IP52 level;

  • Drive servo system: first-line brand AC servo drive system;

  • Reducer: First-line brand precision planet reducer;

  • Machine standard rack cleaning wheel;

  • Safety protection device: safety grating, three-color alarm, operational platform, stroke limit, total power switch, emergency stop switch.

Dust removal workbench / water cooling unit / industrial smoke purifier / host power supply regulator / laser air assembly percentage dust box.

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