What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine?
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What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine?

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Suzhou plasma cutting machineWhat is the working principle?

Suzhou plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting originated in the 1950s and was another cutting method, which is characterized by the use of plasma torches. The plasma torch can produce plasma heat flow and can melt harder materials.

Plasma cutting does not use flames or flames, but uses conductive ionization gases, also known as plasma. Plashes can reach very high temperatures, such as 20000 ° C.

Workers engaged in plasma cutting are appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent arc eye, also known as light cornea or ultraviolet keratitis. This is the damage to workers' eyes when exposed to high -dose radiation. When the plasma torch emit radiation, the worker wore a goggles.

Laser cutting and plasma cutting can cut metal workpieces, and their working methods are completely different. Laser cutting is enlarged laser, and plasma cutting uses plasma.

Plasma arc cutting is a processing method of local melting (and evaporation) metal locally melting (and evaporation) metal at workpiece gaps with high -temperature plasma arcs, and uses high -speed plasma to remove melting metals to form a gap. Compared with the traditional flame cutting machine, air Suzhou plasma cutting machine, as a new metal cutting tool, has fast cutting speed, narrow cutting, low cost, small workpiece deformation, wide cutting material range, easy to obtain cutting gas (air), etc. advantage. It is widely used in today's production process. However, the maintenance of Suzhou plasma cutting machine is not easy, especially when there is no electrical schematic diagram.

At the same time, during the life of the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou, two major components are prone to failure -air pressure and electrical. The failure of the air pressure is common and is easy to eliminate; on the contrary, not only the electrical failure has many types, but it is also extremely difficult to exclude. In order to quickly eliminate the failure, the main circuit and control circuit of the cutting machine are quite familiar.

However, if you want to solve complex electrical failures, you must not have detailed electrical schemes. Especially, produced by various manufacturersSuzhou plasma cutting machineThe circuit is very small, especially the control circuit; the drawings of different enterprises cannot be exchanged, which will inevitably cause maintenance difficulties.

However, limited companies will provide customers with maintenance drawings at the beginning of procurement. The electrical schematic diagram of the product is convenient for consumers to maintain the product. At the same time, the limited company is also a professional manufacturer with welding and cutting equipment with more than 20 years of experience. The products launched by Suzhou plasma cutting machine have been tested for many years, reliable work and strong performance. It can achieve the effect of cutting and molding, and a small amount of secondary processing can be increased with high accuracy requirements.

There are also outstanding representative works in the field of larger plasma cutting machines, such as a plasma cutting machine with a current level of more than 400/600/800/2500, which can be used for a variety of purposes, and has high -current metal cutting+3D printing materials+metal spray coating Waiting for multiple functions.

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