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Characteristics and daily maintenance precautions

Nowadays, my country's development is very fast. Many industries have high-tech products, which can reduce the labor burden of the human body. Drill cutting machine is one of them, many friends on drilling integrated Not very well, don't know how to use and daily maintenance, the following will explain the characteristics and daily maintenance precautions to friends, so that the useful life of the drill stroke can be extended. Drill cut integral safety, high precision, fully automated. So how is the CNC system of the drill-cutting machine? Drill cut, press the power green button to boot, when logo appears on the display on the CNC CNC system, press the reset into the operation interface. At first, the drilling machine data is to zero, press the 'zero' button after entering the interface, output the number '0', and then click the 'confirm' button to automatically return to zero. Division: press'

2022 02-11
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Matters need to pay attention to purchasing drill cuts

Sometimes you need to pay attention to matters, sometimes you think that your right thing is not necessarily suitable. When you choose a drill, you should choose according to the thickness of the cut metal and the rated load continuation rate, let's take a look at it! 1, determine the thickness of your ever-cut metal, when choosing a drill-cutting machine, the factor to be decided is the thickness of the metal to be cut, and the power supply of most drill-cutting machine is determined by the cut-off capability and current, and therefore, usually When cutting thin metals, small current drill should be considered. In addition, the small machine can also cut off a metal of a thickness, but the cut-off quality may not be guaranteed. Instead, the results of almost no metal residue that are born and useless. Each machine has high quality cutting range and maximum cutting capacity to ensure that the cutting thickness is within the cutting range. The rated output current of the drill-cutting machine is generally 40-400 amps. 2, choose better cutting rating

2022 01-26
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What do you need to pay attention to when using a drill cut?

Some users are cutting when using drilling, they often encounter cutting quality unstable, and if the user is replaced, the user is not standardized, this phenomenon will happen, and the following is understood What do you need to pay attention to when using a drill cut? Drill cuts play a very important role in cutting work. Important parts are not properly cleaned, and the work in the factory is poor ...

2021 12-03
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Application advantages of drilling integration in automotive intelligent manufacturing

The purpose of intelligent manufacturing is to improve the production, management, safety production, quality management, energy saving, achieve lean production, promote the overall manufacturing level of automobile enterprises, and achieve industrial 4.0. With the development of drilling integrated machine applications, laser welding technology is widely used in electronic consumer goods, packaging, ship, aerospace, etc., especially in the field of manufacturers, etc. Modern vehicles are not only practical, and the economical and beautiful, the traditional welding method is low, low denier, low accuracy, and is difficult to meet the precision welding demand for automobile intelligence manufacturing and low cost processing requirements. During the production process of the drill cut machine manufacturer and the automobile manufacturing industry, the technology is a heat source with high-energy density laser beams, which is high soldering accuracy, effective welding method, and the automobile manufacturing advantage are highlighted. Let's take a look at the drill strokes in the car Application advantages in intelligent manufacturing, drill cutting machine in steam

2021 10-20
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How is the performance of the drill cut machine? What is the characteristic?

At present, the level of mechanization in China is gradually improved, and even some companies have fully realized automation production. There are many types of automation machines now, such as drilling, is very popular among enterprises. Drill cutting machines can not only drill, but also have cutting functions, it is a very good automation device, but now many people are very small for drilling allras. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the performance of the drilling integrated machine, what is the characteristics of drilling? How is the performance of drill cut? 1. Thin plate, high-precision high speed cutting. 2. Full optocouplex isolation control, ion anti-interference ability; smooth cut, slope ≤5 degrees; good stability, basic zero maintenance of the year: high energy conversion rate, low processing cost. 3. Adopt advanced plasma system configuration, design reasonable; use the arc pressure control principle, the reaction is sensitive, 360 degrees effectively protect the gun head is not

2021 07-15

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