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How is the performance of the drill cut machine? What is the characteristic?

At present, the level of mechanization in China is gradually improved, and even some companies have fully realized automation production. There are many types of automation machines now, such as drilling, is very popular among enterprises. Drill cutting machines can not only drill, but also have cutting functions, it is a very good automation device, but now many people are very small for drilling allras. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the performance of the drilling integrated machine, what is the characteristics of drilling? How is the performance of drill cut? 1. Thin plate, high-precision high speed cutting. 2. Full optocouplex isolation control, ion anti-interference ability; smooth cut, slope ≤5 degrees; good stability, basic zero maintenance of the year: high energy conversion rate, low processing cost. 3. Adopt advanced plasma system configuration, design reasonable; use the arc pressure control principle, the reaction is sensitive, 360 degrees effectively protect the gun head is not

2021 07-15
Zoomlion Construction Machinery Tower Hanging Standard Section Plasma Cutting Special

Zoomlion Construction Machinery Tower Hanging Standard Section Plasma Cutting Special

2021 03-01

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