What do you need to pay attention to when using a drill cut?
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What do you need to pay attention to when using a drill cut?

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Some users are cutting when using drilling, they often encounter cutting quality unstable, and if the user is replaced, the user is not standardized, this phenomenon will happen, and the following is understoodDrillWhat do you need to pay attention to when using it!

Drill cuts play a very important role in cutting work. Important parts are improper cleaning, poor processing in the factory, easy to cause poor cutting, poor cutting, and severe part:

1. Turn off the torch. Any stains in the drill-cutting machine and the lifting substrate will seriously affect the function of the plasma system. When replacing the loser, place it on a clean velvet, carefully check the torch, and clean the electrode contact surface and nozzles with hydrogen peroxide.

2, electrode nozzle. If air or oxygen is used as a plasma gas, the oxide is deposited in the nozzle, affecting the shortage of airflow, and reduces the losing force. Wipe the inside of the nozzle with a clean velvet, remove the oxide.

3, protective layer. The slag on the drill-cutting machine torch cover must be carefully cleared. Otherwise, this will cause destructive \"heavy plasma arc \". Also, apply a chemical coating that prevents sputtering on the shroud. This helps reduce the slag to accumulate on the shield. However, before implementing anti-sputtering coating, the protective cover must be removed from the torch.

DrillIt is a very ionized gas that is heated to a very high temperature, and the arc energy is passed to the workpiece. High heat blowing the workpiece, forms the working state of the plasma arc cutting, and the molten metal forms the incision using the momentum of the high-speed plasma.


Decide that your most ever-cut metal thickness, when choosing a drill cut, the factor to be decided is the thickness of the metal to be cut, and the power supply of most drill-cutting integrated machines is determined by the cut-off capability and current. Therefore, when thin metal is cut, small current plasma cutting machines should be considered. In addition, the small machine can also cut off a metal of a thickness, but the cut-off quality may not be guaranteed. Instead, it may have almost no results that have no metal residue remaining free of charge. Each machine has high quality cut range and greater cutting capacity to ensure that the cutting thickness is within the cutting range.DrillThe rated output current is generally 40-400A.

To select a better cut rated load duration, use the drill tab to perform a long-term cut or automatically cut off, be sure to check the rated load duration of the machine. The rated load duration is simple, that is, the torch overheating needs a continuous working time before cooling. The rated load duration is usually determined according to the proportion of 10 minutes. The current and 60% of the 60% rated load duration means that the current output of the 50A can be cut for 6 minutes (10 minutes 100%). The higher the rated load continuation rate, the longer the cutting time. When the drill cut integration, a large amount of dust and suction particulate matter are generated, and the dust removal system is required to perform harmless treatment. When the motor is running normally, there is no air leak, and it does not move. Open the back box and found dust in the surface of the filter cartridge.

What is described above is what matters need to pay attention to when drilling all machines, no matter what kind of plasma tool to buy, consider the budget is very important, because if ignore the budget, even if the expected result is not necessarily, it will not exceed the budget. . At present, the drilling integration is mainly divided into two kinds of domestic and imported. Among them, domestic prices are divided into low, medium and high, and the import prices that general users can accept are several times, or even dozens of times, fracture, electrodes, etc. Consumables are also quite expensive! Generally, importDrillThe cutting effect is better than the same specifications, but there is existence of price and post-use costs, which is the shortcomings accepted by the general enterprise.

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