Matters need to pay attention to purchasing drill cuts
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Matters need to pay attention to purchasing drill cuts

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Sometimes you think that your right thing is not necessarily appropriate, chooseDrillWhen the thickness of the cut metal should be selected according to the thickness of the cut metal and the rated load continuation, let's take a look at it!

1, determine the thickness of your ever-cut metal, when choosing a drill-cutting machine, the factor to be decided is the thickness of the metal to be cut, and the power supply of most drill-cutting machine is determined by the cut-off capability and current, and therefore, usually When cutting thin metals, small current drill should be considered. In addition, the small machine can also cut off a metal of a thickness, but the cut-off quality may not be guaranteed. Instead, the results of almost no metal residue that are born and useless. Each machine has high quality cutting ranges and greater cutting capabilities to ensure that the cutting thickness is within the cutting range. The rated output current of the drill-cutting machine is generally 40-400 amps.

2. Select a better cutting load duration, use the drill-cutting machine to cut off or automatically cut off, be sure to check the rated load duration of the machine. The rated load duration is briefly, that is, the torch overheating requires a continuous working time before cooling, and the rated load duration is usually determined according to the proportion of 10 minutes. for instance. 50 amps 'current and 60% rated load, the duration means that 50 amps' current output can be cut for 6 minutes (10 minutes by 100%), the higher the rated load continuation, the longer the cutting time.


When the drill cut machine is operated, a large amount of dust and suggestible particulate matter are generated, and the dust removal system is required to perform harmless treatment. What should I do if the dust removal system has failed? For example, the dust removal system does not have a rebound, there is no significant rebuff. When the motor is running normally, there is no air leak, and it does not move. Open the back box and found dust in the surface of the filter cartridge.

It affects the process parameters of the drilling integrated machine, etc.DrillThe power supply requires a sufficiently high no-load voltage, which is easy to stabilize the plasma arc. Increasing the cut current of the drill-cutting machine can also increase the power of the plasma arc, but it will be limited. Otherwise, the plasma arc column will become thick, the slit width is increased, and the electrode life is lowered.

To increase the voltage of the arc column, improve the compression of the electric arc column, can increase the gas flow of the plasma cutting machine, so that the energy is more concentrated, and the injection is stronger, and the cutting speed and quality can be improved. However, if the gas flow is too much, the arc column is reflective, the loss of heat is increased, the cutting capacity is weakened, and the cutting process cannot be carried out.

Internal contraction of the electrode of the drill-cutting machine refers to the distance from the electrode to the end surface of the cutting mouth, the arc is well compressed in the cutting port, the energy concentration, the temperature high, the plasma arc is effectively cut, requiring an appropriate distance. The distance cannot be too large. It will cause a lot of burning to the electrode, cutting the mouth, causing the cut-off ability to decline. The cutting height of the drill-cutting machine is the distance from the cut end surface to the surface of the cutoff, which is similar to the contraction of the electrode. It is necessary to sufficiently exert the cut-off efficiency of the drill-cutting machine, and the cut-off efficiency and cutting quality are reduced. Or when the burning cut-off, when the dust removal system is started normally, the drill cut is dust grain when cutting, and it is frequent. The inspection results show that after the gas leak, after removing the return air system, note that the return air sealing gasket is damaged, the return air seal gasket is incorrect, and the connection line is damaged, and the reason for frequent anti-riser consumption One, it is recommended to set the free time to 20S by manual adjustment, and set a period of time.

The above is the purchaseDrillTask For more information, if you need to learn more, please feel free to contact us!

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