Characteristics and daily maintenance precautions
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Characteristics and daily maintenance precautions

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Now that the development of my country's industry is very fast, there are many industries with high-tech products, so you can reduce the labor burden of the human body.DrillOne of them, many friends are not very well understood by the case of drilling, do not know how to use and daily maintenance methods, the following will explain the characteristics and daily maintenance of the drill cutting machine below. Precautions can extend the service life of the drill-cutting machine.

Drill cut integral safety, high precision, fully automated. So how is the CNC system of the drill-cutting machine?

Drill cut, press the power green button to boot, when logo appears on the display on the CNC CNC system, press the reset into the operation interface. At first, the drilling machine data is to zero, press the 'zero' button after entering the interface, output the number '0', and then click the 'confirm' button to automatically return to zero.

PROTECTION: Press the 'MDI' button to enter the operation interface input text 'G54' Press the 'Start' Start 'Start' button to switch to the G54 interface, the handwheel controls the X-axis or the Y-axis to move to the baseline of the machining part. Press the 'Setting' button to enter the X-axis point or the Y axis point, then let the drill bit move to the end of the benchmark, calculate the number of reference centers, move to the center of the processing, input X-axis point or Y axis For a point, the center of the X-axis and the Y-axis is all set to zero, and the setting is completed in the division.

The counter tool operates by the Z-axis to the surface of the processing member, and the setting input Z0 is completed for the knife. The programming and program setting of the CNC system needs to be inserted into the USB flash drive. When the 'program' button is selected to select 'b to open the U disk', select the program that needs to be processed, press the 'Q to copy the system' on the interface to press' C The execution program ', when the main interface shows the required program name, the read program is completed.

When you need to process, click the 'Auto' button to enter the 'startup' interface, click on the process of drilling machine.


Drill cut machine daily maintenance precautions

1. The protection and maintenance methods of hydraulic hammers, diesel engines, and air compressors in a drill cut into the individual instructions.

2. Daily view and maintenance.

(1) It is necessary to view before the job before the workDrillWhether there is looseness at the threaded connection, especially the bolts of the host and operation equipment, if there is loose moment, it should be tightened immediately.

(2) Visual inspection of the combination of hydraulic components, there is no leakage in the pipe joints of all oil passages.

(3) The machine should be a low speed of the machine in front of the machine (slightly longer in winter) and manipulate each handle as a preheating movement.

(4) Each shift should be followed by light and slippoints.

3. Application and protection of the milling period.

(1) Hydraulic pile driver's starting operation is 100 hours of milling, and it should be carefully used within the mill, and the load is too large, the use of the milling period is very impact on the service life of the machine.

(2) After 50 hours, you should look at the clean level target of hydraulic oil is not less than 18/15. Let's check, clean the oil, return oil oil, clean or replace it every 200 hours, see Note, rubber or asbestos gaskets are not damaged, if there is damage, it should be replaced in time.

4. You should look at the oil level of hydraulic oil every 50 hours and stick to the height of the oil level.

What is the characteristics of a drill cut?DrillThere are many advantages, it is not only safe and reliable, but also the high automation, everyone is used, it is very convenient, and when purchasing drill cuts, you need to understand its parameters. For example, size problems, power, etc. can only be purchased to the drill-cutting machine suitable for you.

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