How is the performance of the drill cut machine? What is the characteristic?
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How is the performance of the drill cut machine? What is the characteristic?

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At present, the level of mechanization in China is gradually improved, and even some companies have fully realized automation production. There are many automation machines now, such asDrill-cutting machineIt is very popular among enterprises. Drill cutting machines can not only drill, but also have cutting functions, it is a very good automation device, but now many people are very small for drilling allras. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the performance of the drilling integrated machine, what is the characteristics of drilling?

How is the performance of drill cut?

1. Thin plate, high-precision high speed cutting.

2. Full optocouplex isolation control, ion anti-interference ability; smooth cut, slope ≤5 degrees; good stability, basic zero maintenance of the year: high energy conversion rate, low processing cost.

3. Adopt advanced plasma system configuration, reasonable design; adoption of arc pressure control principles, responsive, 360 degree effective protecting the gun is not damaged; convenient, embedded software, simple operation.

4. X, Y, Z three axes are driven by imported servo motor, install high-precision planetary reducer, high precision, fast, maintenance-free.

5. High stability color big screen, human machine interaction standard industrial control system configuration, USB interface, fast analog input output, PLC logic control, compatible with CorelDRAW.

What is the characteristic of drilling?

1. Adopt Windows Windows operating system, has plasma current regulation, air pressure control, Z-axis control function, arbitrarily realize linear interpolation, arc interpolation, fit, reverse gap compensation, screw pitch error compensation, cutting Many functions such as compensation; with power failure, sequel, processing time forecast, automatic knife and other functions.

2. Precisely position the starting point before processing, correspond to the file. Automatically track the gun in the process, make sure the sheet processing is correct.

3. Funnel type design, with filter, lower drawer tank, simple switch, distinctive and clean scrap very convenient.

What are the use of drill cut?

The drill-cutting machine uses a desktop structure, flexible hoisting, and successfully merges rapid drilling and plasma cutting, and controls the drilling and CNC plasma cutting processing of the steel sheet through the CNC program. Multiple control can be achieved on one device. Process of the process. Drill cut integration, suitable for product shell processing, advertising identification, process decoration, wrought iron garden, sheet metal industry, lighting industry, ventilation, automotive manufacturing, electrical accessories, chassis electric cabinet, parts cutting.

Drill cutting machine is a very practical device, which is widely used, can be used in the sheet metal industry, the lighting industry, and the automotive ship manufacturing industry. Many people want to know how to do the performance of the drill cut machine, according to Xiaobian understanding, the performance of the drill cut machine is excellent, the processing accuracy is very high. Through the introduction of Xiaobian, I want everyone to know what is characterized by drilling.

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