QKNEST CNC Cutting Machine Nesting Software
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QKNEST CNC Cutting Machine Nesting Software

Kunshan Qiankun has developed a special customized version of the kit based on market demand and partners, easy to operate, easy to master, andThe ERP system seamlessly docked, the functions are more human, meet different kit demands.


Based on market demand,QK have developed a special customized version of nesting software.Easy to operate, easy to learn, easy connection with ERP system, more user-friendly functions, to meet different needs of different nesting.

  • Support oxyfuel, plasma, laser cutting

  • Fully automatic multi-plate and multi-part batch nesting,

  • Manual nesting

  • Batch setting of entry and exit cutting lines

  • Import DXF/DWG format graphics

  • Output TXT, CNC, DIN, ISO and other code files

  • Convert different spline curves to arc lines

  • Switch between relative value coordinates and absolute value coordinates

  • Mouse-ear addition and chamfering settings

  • Find open gaps in various geometric shapes

  • Automatically remove duplicate line segments

  • Automatically delete the dimensions of the drawings

  • Fully automatic simulation

  • Calculation of sheet utilization rate, which can be converted into tonnage

  • Nesting data visualization

  • Cutting and re-nesting of remaining panels

  • Multi-point and single-point variable bevel cutting and fixed bevel cutting, custom angle and start and end points

  • Tandem cutting, bridging cutting, micro-joint cutting, internal and external contour switching, clockwise and counterclockwise switching

Customer on-site usage:

laser cutting


Bevel cut:

15A91F9583522FF42BEC5D998904F09Plasma cut:WeChat picture _202101071347508


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