ECOCUT PLUS CNC plasma head bevel cutting machine
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ECOCUT PLUS CNC plasma head bevel cutting machine

The EcoCUT Plus CNC plasma flame infinite rotary head cutting machine is an upgraded version of our star series EcoCUT.Not only does the EcoCUT series continue its flexible configuration, stable quality, and rich functions, but it also optimizes the design details to meet the needs of more diversified plasma and flame cutting machines.This model has been widely used in steel structure, engineering manufacturing and other industries.

CNC plasma head bevel cutting machine is Kunshan Qiankun star model ECOCUTTMPLUS version of the version with a list Tenon and tenon configuration settings, cross, cross, sing, and sing Click here to view the pictures Use the flag to download the book and download the file. You can use it to change the value of the layer. The effect is to be the same囧壊锛屼 negative 鐢ㄦ埛澶уぇ闄闄闄绠浜嗗垏鍓鍓鍓鍛鍙鍙簲鐢ㄥ湪鍖栧cutting argon彸帇锷涘鍣ㄣ€佸埗埗爝澶囧埗阃犮€佹樲娲嫔绋嬨€侀€犺埞绛夎氣€


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  • The frame structure is reasonable, rigid and durable.The first-line brand linear guide is equipped as standard to ensure the accuracy and durability of lateral movement;

  • Stable QHC cutting gun lifting device and double lifting guide;

  • Can be connected with the customer's manufacturing execution management system MES;

  • A variety of configurations for customers to choose, strong adaptability, can provide customers with overall solutions;

  • 鍙Huawei 喅gallium 電夌殑骞燛阍锛澘鍒囧壊镄勪 wealthy flaws and slashing 鑹拰勰勫勫姞喅gallium 換攛屽燛揼撛攛屽 燛锛屺燛揼The top layer is the same as the one

  • Link to the calendar Mutual stubbornness

  • Optional automatic guide rail cleaning and lubrication;

  • Optional cross beam heat insulation and forced air cooling to prevent thermal deformation of the rack;

  • Standard beam protection to prevent slag splashing and prolong the life of the machine.

  • Machine transverse gauge/mm: 2500-8000 (every 500mm interval);

  • Operation console: Q-Panel is equipped with a 17-inch industrial-grade LCD touch screen display;

  • Numerical control system: optional QKNC + Qiankun patented bus control system, etc.;

  • Plasma: Multiple sets of plasma cutting guns and lifting devices can be configured, all types of air plasma and fine plasma can be configured, and gun storage can be configured;

  • 鐏劙鍓鍓锛锛argon, rugged frontier, argon, argon This is the first time that you will be awarded the K-APC and K-APC

  • 3D groove device: both plasma and flame can be equipped with 3D groove device and lifting device Q300Pro;

  • 鐢皵皵鎺у埗镆滐小镫珛鐢鐢嚵鎺у埗板嗘垚鐢佃珉嗘纴IP52绾э绂

  • Drive servo system: first-line brand AC servo drive system;

  • Reducer: first-line brand precision planetary reducer;

  • Safety protection device: three-color warning light, operating platform, travel limit, main power switch, emergency stop switch.

Dust removal workbench and water bed workbench/industrial smoke and dust purifier/main unit power supply regulator/plasma air assembly/cutting slag automatic cleaning system.



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