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Laser cutting machine manufacturer: Laser technology is a weapon for improving the level of automobile manufacturing

In recent years, with the continuous development of our country's science and technology, the advanced manufacturing technology of laser technology representatives is driving the alternation and innovation breakthroughs in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the application in automotive treatment is getting wider and wider. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, laser technology for laser cutting machines has significant non-contact processing advantages, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation, high adaptability, cutting, welding, phosphating, surface Processing, etc.

2021 05-14
How to clean the protective lens of the large surface laser cutting machine?

The focus of the large -scale laser cutting machine is an optical element, which directly affects the processing performance and quality of the cutting machine. Because the optical lens in the laser system is consumables, it is necessary to keep a timely maintenance of the lens. In order to extend the service life and reduce the cost of usage as much as possible, the lens is cleaned strictly in accordance with the standard during the replacement process. Pay attention to the placement, inspection and installation of optical lenses to prevent lens damage and pollution. After the new lens is installed, it should be cleaned regularly.

2022 09-29
Characteristics and daily maintenance precautions

Nowadays, my country's development is very fast. Many industries have high-tech products, which can reduce the labor burden of the human body. Drill cutting machine is one of them, many friends on drilling integrated Not very well, don't know how to use and daily maintenance, the following will explain the characteristics and daily maintenance precautions to friends, so that the useful life of the drill stroke can be extended. Drill cut integral safety, high precision, fully automated. So how is the CNC system of the drill-cutting machine? Drill cut, press the power green button to boot, when logo appears on the display on the CNC CNC system, press the reset into the operation interface. At first, the drilling machine data is to zero, press the 'zero' button after entering the interface, output the number '0', and then click the 'confirm' button to automatically return to zero. Division: press'

2022 02-11
Head slope open hole cutting once

Jiangyin pressure vessel manufacturing 2021 EcoCut Plus

2021 03-22
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Cut gun pre-cutting and reset process on plasma groove cutting

Is there too much plasma slope cutting waste? How much is the waste than cutting parts? Is the plasma slope cutting machine too long? Is the plasma groove cutter repeatedly pierced too slow? Qiankun new craft solved the above cutting problem!

2021 07-22

Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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