How to clean the protective lens of the large surface laser cutting machine?
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How to clean the protective lens of the large surface laser cutting machine?

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The focus of the large -scale laser cutting machine is an optical element, which directly affects the processing performance and quality of the cutting machine.

Because the optical lens in the laser system is consumables, it is necessary to keep a timely maintenance of the lens. In order to extend the service life and reduce the cost of usage as much as possible, the lens is cleaned strictly in accordance with the standard during the replacement process. Pay attention to the placement, inspection and installation of optical lenses to prevent lens damage and pollution. After the new lens is installed, it should be cleaned regularly.


How should the lens of the large surface laser cutting machine be cleaned?

1. Protecting the lens material is zinc oxide (arsenic and zinc), fragile and not easy to fall off. When disassembling and assembly, you should pay attention: don't be too hard, don't collide with hard objects. The surface of the lens has anti -reflective membranes, which is afraid of pollution, dampness, oil, and scraping. Therefore, dry air is needed during work, instead of touching the lens directly with your hands, because the fat on the skin will cause damage to the surface of the lens. You can put on gloves or their dedicated clads to operate. For smaller lenses, it will be more convenient to use light ravioli or vacuum tunnels. No matter what method is adopted, when we get the lens, we can only clamp along the non -optical surface, such as mirroring.

2. Under normal circumstances, the machine's protective lenses must be checked before and after cleaning before and after cleaning. Because most pollutants and surface defects are small, we often need to use a magnifying equipment to check the lens of the large surface laser cutting machine. In addition to amplifying equipment, sometimes we need to use a brighter beam to illuminate the surface of optical surface to enhance the surface pollutant and defect mirror reflection, which is more likely to find pollutants and defects.

3. When cleaning and protecting the lens, clean wiping paper and optical solvents are often used to prevent damage to other pollutants. Wipe the paper with the right solvent and not dry. Considering the softness, the wiping paper is used to wipe the paper or cotton balls, lens paper, cotton swabs and other appliances.

Of course, there are also some pollutants and lens damage that cannot be cleaned, especially the film burning caused by large surface laser cutters and dirt. The method of restoring good performance is to replace the lens.

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