Cut gun pre-cutting and reset process on plasma groove cutting
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Cut gun pre-cutting and reset process on plasma groove cutting

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Is there too much plasma slope cutting waste?

How much is the waste than cutting parts?

Is the plasma slope cutting machine too long?

Is the plasma groove cutter repeatedly pierced too slow?

- Plasma slope cutting machine user's doubts

Today's new cutting process solves the above cutting problems at a time!

01 plasma groove cutting machine

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Plasma groove cutting is an advanced cutting method in a medium and thick metal processing process.

The least accurately obtained cutting parts with grooves can be directly accurate and accurately cut, which has created a good foundation for subsequent robot welding on the production line.

The plasma groove cutting machine makes the fully automated cutting welding production line.

02 old craft


When the plasma groove cuts need to get sharp right angles, some special processes need to ensure the groove of the corner.

There are two commonly used processes, the first is the \"mouse ear cutting \" process, the mouse ear cutting can complete the corner of the groove, but excess cutting strokes not only have cut cuts, but also make the user sad A large amount of cutting waste is generated. If the smaller part is cut, the weight of the cutting waste may exceed the part itself. Today, the price of raw materials is increasing, each waste is an unnecessary economic consumption of users.

The second common process is a plurality of cutting cross-giving sharp corners. This process requires a plurality of perforation arcing to obtain a sharp corner of the corner. Although the waste produced can be relatively small, the long-range life of the excessive contraction caused by multiple arcs is shortened, and the cost of cutting consumables is also a big problem for users.

03 new craft

Picture 1

When our target cutting is as shown in the figure above, we need to get sharp grocery tips.

Kunshan Qiankun Technical Team Innovation Inventions The \"Pre-Hope and Reset \" function of the plasma cutting gun.

Regardless of the target outline, the cutting gun is pre-swing the slope cut angle of the slope to the target contour, complete the corner cut as the vertical cut, regardless of the target outline.

After the corner cut is completed, the cutting gun will automatically reset to the normal cutting posture and prepare for the next target buckle.

Picture 2Picture 3

The new grocery cutting process avoids the consumption of large amounts of waste and increasing parts brought by mouse ear cutting and multiple perforations.

Maximum extent to save customer production costs.

The waste ratio of the plasma groove cut is similar to the discharge rate of the plasma.


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