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Gate-style laser cutting machine officially acceptable

In the hot summer, there is no enthusiasm for the work of Qiankun. All departments work together, after-sales personnel plus the installation and commissioning, Qiankun's first gantry laser cutting machine officially accepts.

2021 07-22
Laser plasma cutting machine video surveillance system

Whether it is plasma cutting or laser cutting, the cutting head will have strong arc and laser, long-term observation will harm the operator's eyes, wearing professional protective glasses, but inconvenience to the screen operation of the machine. In response to the state's requirements for the prevention and control of workers, Kunshan Qiankun Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has launched the cutting-head video monitoring function. It can be observed in real time at the machine's operation interface, the operator is not It is necessary to keep watching the cutting cutter working.

2021 05-18
Three-plasma cutting machine

This month, Qiankun machine has produced a multi-plasma machine, which can cut three 2.5 meters x12 meters standard plate machine span reached 8.5 meters, and the production efficiency increased by 50% compared to conventional double plasma machines. The large-scale sheet cutting of the customer's same task is a good news.

2021 05-18
Shan Steel Six plasma flame cutting machine and factory control monitoring operation acceptance

After the installation and commissioning of Sand Steel Six plasma flame cutting machine, Kunshan Qiankun independently developed Qk-NC PLUS CNC system provides remote control capabilities to the customer factory center control system, and operators only need to sit in the center console can manipulate each Cutting work of the cutter. In addition, each machine is equipped with a camera monitoring system, which can be observed from the screen to the cutting of the machine.

2021 04-07
Qiankun initial generation unlimited rotary head cutting machine for Linyi customer service over ten years

Customer: Shandong Linyi Industry: Mechanical Manufacturing Process Requirements: Rotating Head Cutting Factory Date: 2011 Modes: MiniCut Plasma Power: Haibao HPR260XD

2021 03-25

Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

After more than ten years of continuous efforts, we have delivered more than one thousand sets of various cutting machines, which create value for customers all over the world. Every year, nearly half of the machines are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe.


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