\"CNC high-precision plasma cutting machine\" \"Slope CNC cutting machine\" \"Longmen Laser Cutting Machine\" Standard Release
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\"CNC high-precision plasma cutting machine\" \"Slope CNC cutting machine\" \"Longmen Laser Cutting Machine\" Standard Release

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Recently, according to the \"Administrative Measures for China Welding Association Standards\",

Multiple group criteria that are returned by China Welding Association,

The approval was released via the China Welding Association.

Including\"CNC high precision plasma cutting machine\"

\"Slope CNC cutting machine\"

\"Longmen laser cutting machine\"

These three groups of groupsBoth Kunshan Qiankun Manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated in drafting

Detailed criteria can be logged in to the national group standard information platform query:



EcoCut Large CNC fine plasma flame cutting machine

With the market's demand for high-quality cutting, the CNC cutting machine industry has increasingly outputs CNC high-precision plasma cutting machines, but in the standard blurred past, customers are difficult to obtain real high-precision plasma cutting machines.

\"CNC high-precision plasma cutting machine\" standard is combined with the production and manufacturing experience of domestic multi-year high-precision plasma cutting machines, the high-precision plasma cutting machine is also called the cutting quality of the fine plasma cutting machine or laser plasma cutting machine to quantify and form a uniform standard.

Kunshan Qiankun as a pioneer who focuses on the high-end cutting machine market, actively participating in the draft standard, and continues to implement, implementation \"CNC high-precision plasma cutting machine\" standard, create better CNC high-precision plasma Cutting Machine.

Standard query:Http://www.ttbz.org.cn/standardmanage/detail/53885/

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The growing demand for the grooves CNC cutting machine allows the cutting machine industry to see the market's demand for relevant standards. The \"Slope CNC Cutting Machine\" standard for the China Welding Association clearly defines the technical requirements and inspection methods of groove cutting machines.

Kunshan dry production and manufacturing slope counting CNC cutting machine has more than 10 years of experience, especially after our autonomous development of numerically cutting machine special CNC system QKNC +, multi-axis control performance has greatly improved, multi-axis linkage more efficient grooves CNC cutting machine The batch arrived in the customer to create value for customers.

Standard query:Http://www.ttbz.org.cn/standardmanage/detail/53352/

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As the power of the market laser cutting machine is greatly improved, the laser cutting machine is increasingly involved in the cutting of the medium and thick plates, and the market demand in the gantry-style laser cutting machine is also high. The Kunshan Qiankun has been actively involved in drafting as a standard formulation of gantry machine tool manufacturers and gantry laser cutting machines.

The \"Longmen Laser Cutting Machine\" standard has developed more healthy and active development of gantry laser cutting machines, making customers can buy an assured gantry laser cutting machine.

Kunshan Qiankun focused on high-power large-scale floral laser cutting machine, which has a good market competitiveness for high-efficiency and high-precision cutting of medium thick plates.

Standard query:Http://www.ttbz.org.cn/standardmanage/detail/53355/



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