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  • About Qiankun College


    Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only develops and manufactures first-class cutting machine tools, but also has always been committed to helping customers obtain better cutting quality, so that customers can really use the cutting machine after purchasing the cutting machine, so that our cutting machine can bring customers Actual benefits. Qiankun Academy is where Kunshan Qiankun has used more than ten years of experience to bring customers knowledge related to cutting machines. Here you can learn to choose the right model, learn the maintenance of the cutting machine, learn to choose the right plasma and other accessories, and learn to use and Replace wearing parts, etc.

  • Qiankun machine CNC fine rotary head plasma cutting machine passed customer acceptance


    At the beginning of April 2020, when the new crown epidemic has not completely ended, the after-sales personnel of Qiankun Machine overcome the difficulties and are anxious to the customer’s urgency. It only took less than 20 days to deliver our first batch of CNC fine plasma rotary to BYD before the Spring Festival. The head cutting machine was debugged and delivered to the customer smoothly. For the first batch of machines, Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. completed the turnkey project. The customer only provided a qualified workshop floor. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine and peripheral equipment were provided and installed by Kunshan Qiankun. Including the working material table, plasma industrial fume extractor, rail ground beam, etc., even grounding piles and industrial salt are all completed by Kunshan Qiankun engineers. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine has passed customer acceptance, and the cutting quality is excellent, and it has been recognized and praised by customers. At present, the customer is preparing for the preparatory work before mass production. We are convinced that the CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine will create prices for customers

  • Laser cutting machine manufacturer: Laser technology is a weapon for improving the level of automobile manufacturing


    In recent years, with the continuous development of our country's science and technology, the advanced manufacturing technology of laser technology representatives is driving the alternation and innovation breakthroughs in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the application in automotive treatment is getting wider and wider. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, laser technology for laser cutting machines has significant non-contact processing advantages, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation, high adaptability, cutting, welding, phosphating, surface Processing, etc.

  • What is the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou? what's the effect?


      What is the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou? What is the role? Suzhou plasma cutting machine is a very powerful machine that can cut metal. Some of them are huge, enough to penetrate very thick fragments, just like knives penetrate butter. More information is provided in the vibration chain. Suzhou plasma cutting machine is a must -have equipment for some welders. In fact, its function is exactly the opposite. It is not to melt the metal plate together, but to tear them away with Suzhou plasma cutting machine. At some work points, it is necessary to cut off some unnecessary parts, or when you try to shape something together. However, like everything in the welding industry, Suzhou plasma cutting machines are also developing. In order to cut thick materials, a larger metal cutting machine has been manufactured. In addition to power supply, automation is a major supplement. Since students are as an important dangerous process, robots or machines can perform such enterprises work

  • What are the characteristics of Suzhou plasma cutting machine?


      What are the characteristics of Suzhou plasma cutting machine? Plasma arc cutting machines are machines using plasma cutting technology to process metal materials. Plasma cutting is a heat (and evaporation) part or part of the metal at the incision of the workpiece of high -temperature plasma arcs, and uses the dynamic amount of high -speed plasma to remove the melting metal to form the processing method of the incision. Suzhou plasma cutting machines are usually huge fixed machines. They are not moving, and they usually need to cut metal plates to be fixed on the machine. On the other hand, the manual plasma cutting machine is light and easy to carry. You can take them on the wild and carry the necessary items with you. In addition, they also have an advantage because you can easily manipulate them in some narrow places, but for automatic plasma cutting machines, this is really difficult, and it is impossible to use automatic plasma cutting machines in some cases. This is another aspect of Suzhou plasma cutting machine.

  • Detailed explanation of the advantages of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?


      Jiangsu plasma cutting machine uses some plasma power supply to have the characteristics of constant current. In fact, during the cutting process, the cutting current is always equal to the set current, and the arc voltage changes at a fixed speed. Essence The Jiangsu plasma cutting machine has an excellent high -frequency arc control technology and the structure of the separation of the arc and the power supply, which greatly reduces the interference of the high -frequency CNC system. The air controller is separated from the power supply, the air path is shorter, the air pressure is stable, and the cutting quality is better. And it also has a high load continuity, which reduces the consumption of the plasma cutting machine accessories. With gas pressure detection and indication function. With gas testing function, it is convenient to regulate gas pressure. There are also automatic protection functions during the operation during operation. The equipment rack adopts a full -weld structure, is solid and reasonable, convenient to operate, and durable. Especially Jiangsu plasma cutting machines have fast cutting speed and high accuracy. The cutting port is small, neat, none

  • What are the operational precautions of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?


      The development prospects of the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine in the industry are very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when using it, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone make it more, we will talk about it next. The operation of the operation of the plasma cutting machine in Jiangsu? I hope to help more people. Nowadays, there are still many people who do not understand some of the basic information of the plasma cutting machine of Jiangsu, so as a manufacturer, it is also necessary for us to explain it briefly. In fact, the use of this Jiangsu plasma cutting machine seems to be noticed. When using the machine tool, the operator must read the machine tools, understand the content, and then operate the machine tool. Before you are familiar with the operation of the machine tool, do not mobilize the machine tool to avoid safety accidents. In addition, the installation and calibration of the tool electrode must ensure that the tool electrode is perpendicular to the processing direction and the plane of the workbench. Of course, I suggest everyone in

  • What is the knowledge point of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?


      The wide application of Jiangsu plasma cutting machines is also a very popular product in the market due to various advantages. However, it also has a lot of knowledge that needs to be understood when using it. After all, many users do not know about it. Next, I will introduce the knowledge points of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine? If you are interested, you can read it. Although Jiangsu plasma cutting machine is widely used, most readers are not enough to know when they see this product. Especially for its characteristics. Just today we use this opportunity to tell you about it. First of all, Jiangsu plasma cutting machine uses the heat of high -temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporates) the metal part of the workpiece incision, and uses a high -speed plasma momentum to remove the molten processing method of the metal forming incision. To put it simply, it is to add metal materials with the help of plasma cutting technology

  • Let's talk about how to design the start speed of the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine


      Let's talk about how to design many factors for the quality of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine to start speed affecting the quality of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine, such as vacuum voltage and arc pillar operating voltage, laser cutting current, electrical intra -scale shrinkage, relatively high height of cutting guns, etc. The main parameters of plasma arc cutting technology will also be directly related to the stability of the entire laser cutting process, the quality and actual effect of laser cutting. Generally speaking, a variety of factors such as the working voltage of the air load voltage and the arc pillar, the size of the laser cutting current, the decline in the electrical level, and the relatively high height of the cutting gun are directly related to the reduction of the plasma arc. Energy, and the high temperature and high efficiency energy of plasma arcs determine the laser cutting rate, so it can be said that the above aspects are actually related to the laser cutting rate. As a CNC cutting device, it should increase the laser cutting rate as much as possible under the premise of ensuring laser cutting quality. This is not only improved production efficiency

  • What should Jiangsu plasma cutting machine introduce the plasma cutting machine?


      What should Jiangsu plasma cutting machine introduce what the plasma cutting machine needs to pay attention to? Plasma laser cutting has developed to this day. ) The laser cutting characteristics of the ion arc and its laser cutting quality and rate are obviously harmful. Common plasma arcs work in steam, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, gases, water vapor and some mixed gas. Plasma laser cutting is partially melted (and volatilized) at the metal material of the product workpiece to make the product workpiece wound, and the driving force of the fast plasma is cleaned up to produce a processing technology for generating wounds. Plasma laser cutting cooperates with each other in different types of work capable of laser cutting into various oxygen cutting and cannot laser cut metal, especially for rare metals (stainless steel plates, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) laser cutting effect;

  • Jiangsu plasma cutting machine: talk about how to do well in the daily maintenance and advantages of the plasma cutting machine


      Jiangsu plasma cutting machine: talk about how to do well in the daily maintenance of the plasma cutting machine and its advantageous leather products. Cut the leather products. Flexible materials such as leather products, on the one hand, flexible materials are relatively soft. Cutting machine laser cutting can bring unnecessary trouble and will not cause certain environmental pollution to the natural environment. How do you know how much the features of the plasma cutting machine do not maintain? Jiangsu plasma cutting machine: the advantages of the plasma cutting machine 1. Laser cutting rate is one of the important factors directly related to the benefits of the project. The laser cutting speed of leather products is determined Productivity, where does not produce economic benefits? We use a plasma cutting machine to improve the benefits, quality, and reduce costs. This is important. We must look at the full set when buying

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