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  • About Qiankun College


    Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only develops and manufactures first-class cutting machine tools, but also has always been committed to helping customers obtain better cutting quality, so that customers can really use the cutting machine after purchasing the cutting machine, so that our cutting machine can bring customers Actual benefits. Qiankun Academy is where Kunshan Qiankun has used more than ten years of experience to bring customers knowledge related to cutting machines. Here you can learn to choose the right model, learn the maintenance of the cutting machine, learn to choose the right plasma and other accessories, and learn to use and Replace wearing parts, etc.

  • Qiankun machine CNC fine rotary head plasma cutting machine passed customer acceptance


    At the beginning of April 2020, when the new crown epidemic has not completely ended, the after-sales personnel of Qiankun Machine overcome the difficulties and are anxious to the customer’s urgency. It only took less than 20 days to deliver our first batch of CNC fine plasma rotary to BYD before the Spring Festival. The head cutting machine was debugged and delivered to the customer smoothly. For the first batch of machines, Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. completed the turnkey project. The customer only provided a qualified workshop floor. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine and peripheral equipment were provided and installed by Kunshan Qiankun. Including the working material table, plasma industrial fume extractor, rail ground beam, etc., even grounding piles and industrial salt are all completed by Kunshan Qiankun engineers. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine has passed customer acceptance, and the cutting quality is excellent, and it has been recognized and praised by customers. At present, the customer is preparing for the preparatory work before mass production. We are convinced that the CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine will create prices for customers

  • Laser cutting machine manufacturer: Laser technology is a weapon for improving the level of automobile manufacturing


    In recent years, with the continuous development of our country's science and technology, the advanced manufacturing technology of laser technology representatives is driving the alternation and innovation breakthroughs in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the application in automotive treatment is getting wider and wider. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, laser technology for laser cutting machines has significant non-contact processing advantages, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation, high adaptability, cutting, welding, phosphating, surface Processing, etc.

  • The product structure function of the CNC ramp cutting machine?


    CNC sloping cutting machines are mainly used in sheet metal processing, advertising production, kitchenware and other industries. In order to make everyone more familiar with it, the editor will tell the little friends, about the product structure function of the CNC sloped cutting machine? If you want to know, hurry up and take a look. I hope it can help you.

  • The maintenance of the CNC sloped cutting machine?


    Before we use the CNC sloped cutting machine, we need to know more about it. Moreover, if we want to better use it, we must also understand its related knowledge points. First of all, you must be clear that the degree of automation of the CNC sloping cutter is high, which can be fully closed, no pollution, and low noise, which greatly improves the operator's working environment. The operation of the cutting machine must be fixed (fixed, fixed machine, and job).

  • What are the advantages of CNC ramp cutting machine?


    The development prospect of the industry in CNC slopes is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when using it, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone know more, we will come next. Tell me about the knowledge related to the CNC sloped cutting machine, hoping to help more people. Now there are many people who do not understand the basic information of the CNC sloped cutting machine, so as a manufacturer, it is also necessary for us to explain it briefly. In fact, it is mainly used in sheet metal processing, advertising production, kitchenware and other industries. It can also be seen in these places. And can also be well received by people from all walks of life in various metal laser cutting machines and steel plate laser cutting machines. It is also suitable for cutting of large thickness, long size steel plates and carbon steel, and has a wide range of applications in industrial production. CNC slope

  • How to choose a good plasma cutting machine manufacturer?


    How to choose a good plasma cutting machine manufacturer? How to choose a suitable, good plasma cutting machine manufacturer, this is a question that many people consider when buying plasma cutters. In fact, the current plasma cutting machine manufacturers have sprung up like the rain. With this trend, plasma cutting machine manufacturers have become more and more developed. At the same time, various plasma cutting machine manufacturers can be described as that the eight immortals cross the sea and show their special features. This makes people hesitate even more when choosing. In fact, it is not difficult to choose a plasma cutting machine manufacturer, but customers want to choose a high -quality plasma cutting machine manufacturer. They still need to polish their eyes and do it well. First of all, if you want to choose a good plasma cutting machine manufacturer, you need to do it. At first glance: whether the qualification is complete. Qualifications are particularly important in the industry. If a company has no qualification certificate, it indicates that the company cannot be sufficient

  • Governance method of digital control plasma cutting machine


    In the current industrial production, the CNC plasma cutting machine is compared with the traditional flame cutting technology, the technique of CNC plasma cutting machine, in the process of cutting the metal sheet, its cutting accuracy is higher, the cutting speed is also very fast. Therefore, it is also more extensive in the machinery industry.

  • How to improve the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine?


    The CNC plasma cutter should be a remote control system of the CNC machine, and the CNC plasma cutting machine is grounded, and the power supply unit of the driver is grounded, and the shielded cable of the shield is very good. Effectively suppress interference of high frequency batteries.

  • CNC plasma cutting machine related common sense


    When the CNC plasma cutting machine works, if the input air pressure is much lower than the air pressure required by the device, the injection speed of the plasma arc will be reduced. If the flow rate of the input air is less than the specified value, it will not form a high-energy high-speed plasma arc, resulting in cutting quality. Poor, cutting, rumor, etc. The reason for the air pressure of the CNC plasma cutting machine, including the insufficient air intake of the air compressor, the air conditioning valve pressure is too low, the solenoid valve is blocked, and the gas path is not smooth. Workaround: CNC plasma cutting machine CAUTION Note before cutting the output pressure display of the air press. If the requirements are not met, the pressure setting or maintenance of the air compressor is adjusted. If you need to enter air pressure, check if the pressure adjustment of the air filter pressure reducing valve is correct, the pressure of the air pressure gauge display can meet the cutting requirements; otherwise, the air filter pressure reducing valve should be maintained to ensure input air dry and no oil Pollution. Entering air quality

  • Characteristics and daily maintenance precautions


    Nowadays, my country's development is very fast. Many industries have high-tech products, which can reduce the labor burden of the human body. Drill cutting machine is one of them, many friends on drilling integrated Not very well, don't know how to use and daily maintenance, the following will explain the characteristics and daily maintenance precautions to friends, so that the useful life of the drill stroke can be extended. Drill cut integral safety, high precision, fully automated. So how is the CNC system of the drill-cutting machine? Drill cut, press the power green button to boot, when logo appears on the display on the CNC CNC system, press the reset into the operation interface. At first, the drilling machine data is to zero, press the 'zero' button after entering the interface, output the number '0', and then click the 'confirm' button to automatically return to zero. Division: press'

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