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  • About Qiankun College


    Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only develops and manufactures first-class cutting machine tools, but also has always been committed to helping customers obtain better cutting quality, so that customers can really use the cutting machine after purchasing the cutting machine, so that our cutting machine can bring customers Actual benefits. Qiankun Academy is where Kunshan Qiankun has used more than ten years of experience to bring customers knowledge related to cutting machines. Here you can learn to choose the right model, learn the maintenance of the cutting machine, learn to choose the right plasma and other accessories, and learn to use and Replace wearing parts, etc.

  • Qiankun machine CNC fine rotary head plasma cutting machine passed customer acceptance


    At the beginning of April 2020, when the new crown epidemic has not completely ended, the after-sales personnel of Qiankun Machine overcome the difficulties and are anxious to the customer’s urgency. It only took less than 20 days to deliver our first batch of CNC fine plasma rotary to BYD before the Spring Festival. The head cutting machine was debugged and delivered to the customer smoothly. For the first batch of machines, Kunshan Qiankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. completed the turnkey project. The customer only provided a qualified workshop floor. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine and peripheral equipment were provided and installed by Kunshan Qiankun. Including the working material table, plasma industrial fume extractor, rail ground beam, etc., even grounding piles and industrial salt are all completed by Kunshan Qiankun engineers. The CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine has passed customer acceptance, and the cutting quality is excellent, and it has been recognized and praised by customers. At present, the customer is preparing for the preparatory work before mass production. We are convinced that the CNC fine plasma rotary head cutting machine will create prices for customers

  • The manufacturing process of plasma flame cutting machine


      Plasma flame cutting machine is a machine that uses plasma to generate high temperature and high -speed airflow, and cut metal materials into machines that need to be shaped. It is widely used in modern industries because it has the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, and smooth cutting surface. In this article, we will introduce the manufacturing process of the plasma flame cutting machine in detail. 1. The equipment part of the plasma flame cutting machine is mainly composed of three parts: plasma nozzle, gas control system and CNC system. Plasma nozzle is the core component of the plasma flame cutting machine. It is made of magnesium, copper and molybdenum materials. The primary task of making plasma nozzles is to ensure that it has high purity and high density. The manufacturing process of the nozzle includes the following steps: (1) Material preparation. According to the required nozzle shape, choose the appropriate material and mix according to the proportion. (2) Material refining. At high temperature, melt the mixed materials to achieve high purity and

  • What is a plasma flame cutting machine? How to use it correctly to improve work efficiency?


      Plasma flame cutting machine is a common metal cutting tool that uses a high -temperature gas called plasma for cutting. Compared with the traditional flame cutting machine, the plasma flame cutting machine has higher cutting speed, higher accuracy, and more suitable for various metals. In this article, we will explore the working principles of the plasma flame cutting machine and how to use it correctly to improve work efficiency. First, the working principle of plasma flame cutting machine The plasma is a high -energy gas state and is usually composed of electronics and ions. Plashes can be generated in high temperature environments, such as high -voltage arcs or high -power laser beams. High energy of plasma can decompose metal materials into ions and electrons, thereby forming a high -temperature cutting area. The metal in this cutting area will be quickly evaporated and rushed away by gas, thereby achieving the effect of cutting. Plasma flame cutting machine is to use high -frequency sex

  • Safety measures and maintenance of ground -orbit laser cutting machines


      Local -orbit laser cutting machine is a high -precision, high -efficiency cutting equipment, which are widely used in industries such as metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. However, during the use process, due to the high energy and high power characteristics of laser, if you do not pay attention to safety measures and maintenance, it may cause serious damage and damage to personnel and equipment. Therefore, this article will introduce the safety measures and maintenance of the ground -track laser cutting machine. I. Safety measures Trainer: Before the operational land -like laser cutting machine, you need to master professional training procedures and operating skills. Only trained personnel can operate, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation. Wearing protective equipment: The operator needs to wear protective equipment that meets standards, including protective glasses, gloves, masks, protective clothing, etc. These equipment can effectively protect the operator from being harmed by laser radiation and splash. Safety

  • What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine?


      What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine? Plasma cutting originated in the 1950s and was another cutting method, which is characterized by the use of a plasma torch. The plasma torch can produce plasma heat flow and can melt harder materials. Plasma cutting does not use flames or flames, but uses conductive ionization gases, also known as plasma. Plashes can reach very high temperatures, such as 20000 ° C. Workers engaged in plasma cutting are appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent arc eye, also known as light cornea or ultraviolet keratitis. This is the damage to workers' eyes when exposed to high -dose radiation. When the plasma torch emit radiation, the worker wore a goggles. Laser cutting and plasma cutting can cut metal workpieces, and their working methods are completely different. Laser cutting is enlarged laser, and plasma cutting uses plasma. Plasma arc cutting is a kind of high temperature

  • Laser cutting machine manufacturer: Laser technology is a weapon for improving the level of automobile manufacturing


    In recent years, with the continuous development of our country's science and technology, the advanced manufacturing technology of laser technology representatives is driving the alternation and innovation breakthroughs in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the application in automotive treatment is getting wider and wider. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, laser technology for laser cutting machines has significant non-contact processing advantages, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation, high adaptability, cutting, welding, phosphating, surface Processing, etc.

  • The development trend and future outlook of the scientific orbiting laser cutting machine technology


      Local -orbit laser cutting machine technology is an indispensable advanced manufacturing technology in modern industrial production. With the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of rail -orbiting laser cutting machines is also constantly evolving and innovating. This article will explore the development trend and future outlook of ground rail -like laser cutting machine technology. I. Development Trends 1. The application of high -power lasers With the continuous advancement of laser technology, high -power laser has become a new trend of local -orbit laser cutting machine technology. High -power laser can improve the energy density and cutting speed of laser beams, thereby achieving faster and more efficient cutting and processing. At present, high -power laser has been widely used, and can be used to process steel manufacturing, aviation, electronics, medical care and other industries. 2. Intelligent manufacturing Intelligent manufacturing has become a new trend in the manufacturing industry, and it is also the future direction of the technology of land -orbit laser cutting machines. Intelligent manufacturing can use data analysis and automatic

  • Analysis of the working principles and advantages of ground -orbit laser cutting machine


      Earth -orbit laser cutting machine is a high -precision, high -efficiency industrial processing equipment. Its working principle is mainly based on laser cutting technology. The device can be finely used in the field of industrial manufacturing by using laser beams with laser beams. The working principles and advantage analysis of the ground -track laser cutting machine will be introduced below. I. The working principle of the working principle of the ground orbit laser cutting machine is based on the processing of the material on the material based on the laser beam. The main components of the device include laser, light road system, control system, cut head, etc. When the laser emits a high -energy density laser beam, the laser beam is focused on a light beam with a very small diameter through the light path system and is transmitted to the cut head. On the cut head, the laser beam is focused on a very small beam through a lens. The energy density of the beam is very high, which can melt and evaporate the surface of the material. At the same time, cut head

  • Share dry goods, take you one minute to understand the large face laser cutting machine


      Significant surface laser cutting machines can cut out objects with high accuracy. Its positioning accuracy can meet ± 0.02mm, which can meet the strict requirements of customers and avoid damaging parts. In addition, the large -scale laser cutting machine uses relatively new technologies. It does not require too many molds to save manufacturing costs. A large surface laser cutting machine can provide faster cutting speed. During the cutting process, there is no noise, which can achieve continuous cutting and make the cutting efficiency higher. In addition, large surface laser cutting machines also have high precision cutting quality, which can cut products with high accuracy. Significant surface laser cutting machines can provide a safer cutting environment and use automated technology to effectively reduce personnel participation in cutting and reduce operation work during the cutting process. In addition, large surface laser cutting machines can also provide more stable power supply, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of the cutting effect. Maintenance of large surface laser cutting machines

  • Introduction to the advantages of large surface laser cutting machines


      Large -scale surface laser cutting machine is a new type of mechanical equipment. Due to its efficient processing capabilities, accurate processing accuracy, high -precision cutting quality, effective installation procedures, and even welding appearance. Essence First of all, strong processing capabilities can achieve fast, accurate and efficient processing, which can meet the various processing requirements of customers, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and reducing processing costs. Secondly, the accuracy is also very high, which can achieve accuracy of accuracy to 0.02mm. It can meet the different processing requirements of customers, and it can better meet the large -scale processing work, thereby ensuring the quality of the product. In addition, the installation process is also very simple. It can complete the installation in a short time. It can help customers save installation costs and improve the installation efficiency of customers. The welding appearance of large surface laser cutting machines is also very uniform. It can ensure the appearance quality of the product, and

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