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How to buy a local rail -like laser cutting machine?

  Local -orbit laser cutting machine is a common industrial equipment that can cut high precision cutting of various materials. But for those who want to buy this device, how to buy a rail -orbiting laser cutter suitable for them is a problem that cannot be ignored. First, you need to consider the type of material you want to cut. Because ground -orbit laser cutting machines are suitable for different types of materials, such as metals, non -metals, plastics, etc. Then, you need to consider the thickness of the cutting, and different types of ground -orbit laser cutting machines have different cutting thickness capabilities. Second, you need to consider the power of the device. The higher the power, the faster the cutting speed. But it should be noted that the higher the power, the more expensive the price. In addition, you also need to consider the stability and accuracy of the equipment. The stability and accuracy of ground -orbit laser cutting machine have a very important impact on the cutting effect. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose equipment with high stability and accuracy. after

2023 07-10
Safety measures and maintenance of ground -orbit laser cutting machines

  Local -orbit laser cutting machine is a high -precision, high -efficiency cutting equipment, which are widely used in industries such as metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. However, during the use process, due to the high energy and high power characteristics of laser, if you do not pay attention to safety measures and maintenance, it may cause serious damage and damage to personnel and equipment. Therefore, this article will introduce the safety measures and maintenance of the ground -track laser cutting machine. I. Safety measures Trainer: Before the operational land -like laser cutting machine, you need to master professional training procedures and operating skills. Only trained personnel can operate, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation. Wearing protective equipment: The operator needs to wear protective equipment that meets standards, including protective glasses, gloves, masks, protective clothing, etc. These equipment can effectively protect the operator from being harmed by laser radiation and splash. Safety

2023 05-08
Locate laser cutting machine: high precision weapon in modern industry

  In modern industrial production, laser cutting technology is widely used in cutting and processing of various materials with its high -precision, high efficiency and high flexibility. Among them, as an important laser cutting equipment, the ground -orbit laser cutting machine stands out in the market with its unique advantages and has become a high -precision weapon in the modern industry. The rail -orbit laser cutting machine adopts ground -track design, which has greater working space and stronger stability. This design enables the device to accommodate a larger size workpiece, and can maintain higher accuracy and stability in the case of long -term continuous work. In addition, the ground -orbit laser cutting machine also has a high -precision positioning system and intelligent control system, which can achieve precise cutting and efficient production. During the cutting process, the ground -orbit laser cutting machine uses high -energy laser beams to quickly and accurately cut the workpiece. The focusing of laser beams is high and energy concentrated. It can melt, vaporize or

2024 03-04
Drilleration laser cutting machine: bright pearl of modern industrial processing

  In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, laser cutting technology has gradually become a preferred metal processing industry with its high -precision and high efficiency characteristics. As an important application form of laser cutting technology, the ground -orbit laser cutting machine is a pivotal position in the market with its unique advantages. I. High -precision cutting of the characteristic of the rail -orbiting laser cutting machine: The rail -orbiting laser cutting machine adopts advanced laser cutting technology, which can realize high -level high -precision cutting and meet various high -precision processing needs. Significant surface processing: Because the ground -orbit laser cutting machine adopts a rail -type mobile platform, the processing amplitude surface can be customized according to demand, suitable for the processing of large workpieces. High stability: The ground -orbit laser cutting machine adopts a strong body structure and precise transmission system to ensure that high stability can still be maintained under long -term continuous work. Energy -saving: During the laser cutting process, laser beams are connected with workpieces

2024 02-22
What materials can the ground -orbit laser cutting machine cut

  Local -orbit laser cutting machine is a modern cutting equipment, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and multifunctional function. It has been widely used in various industries and can cut a variety of materials. This article introduces the working principle of the ground -rail laser cutting machine and the scope of the materials applied. The ground -orbit laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to cut the workpiece. Its working principle is to heat the surface of the workpiece through high -energy density laser beams to achieve the temperature of melting or vaporization, and then use the airflow to blew the material melting or vaporized materials. , To achieve the purpose of cutting. The ground -orbit laser cutting machine adopts a ground -track structure, which has the advantages of high speed and high precision, which can meet various cutting requirements. There are many types of materials that can be cut on the rail -orbiting laser cutting machine. Metal materials, including stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. The rail -orbiting laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the field of metal cutting and can achieve high -speed and high -quality cutting effects. Non -metallic material

2024 02-18

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