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What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine?

  What is the working principle of Suzhou plasma cutting machine? Plasma cutting originated in the 1950s and was another cutting method, which is characterized by the use of a plasma torch. The plasma torch can produce plasma heat flow and can melt harder materials. Plasma cutting does not use flames or flames, but uses conductive ionization gases, also known as plasma. Plashes can reach very high temperatures, such as 20000 ° C. Workers engaged in plasma cutting are appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent arc eye, also known as light cornea or ultraviolet keratitis. This is the damage to workers' eyes when exposed to high -dose radiation. When the plasma torch emit radiation, the worker wore a goggles. Laser cutting and plasma cutting can cut metal workpieces, and their working methods are completely different. Laser cutting is enlarged laser, and plasma cutting uses plasma. Plasma arc cutting is a kind of high temperature

2023 02-07
The purchase guide for Suzhou plasma cutting machine

  Suzhou plasma cutting machine is currently a high -profile cutting equipment in the market. It is very important to understand some key guidelines and points before choosing a suitable model. This article provides a detailed selection guide for CNC plane cutting machines to ensure that wise decisions can be made. Suzhou plasma cutting machines generally have high precision cutting functions, which can handle various materials, such as metal plates, alloy plates and stainless steel plates. Considering production efficiency, you may also need to pay attention to cutting speed and degree of automation to ensure that the machine can meet your needs. The reliability and durability of the machine are also important factor. The investment of a CNC plane cutting machine is relatively high, so I hope to choose a durable and stable and reliable machine. Understanding the manufacturer and brand background of the machine, and its reputation and user evaluation in the industry will help you make a wise choice. Considering the convenience of use and maintenance is also necessary. One easy

2023 10-17
Method for making a plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machines are a processing apparatus for removing molten metal forming a gap using high-speed plasma, which is widely used in a wide range of heat deformation. The existing ion cutting machine includes a bed and a reservoir, a cutting device is provided above the bed; the cutting device includes a support frame, a crossbar, and a cutting head; the support frame is disposed at both ends of the crossbar; cutting head is mounted on the crossbar On; the gas supply device is connected to the cutting head;

2021 11-18
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A multi-directionally adjustable plasma cutting machine

Multi-directional adjustment plasma cutting machine has a fixing plate, a plasma cutting head, a rectangular gap, a ring slide, an electric telescopic rod, and a two electric telescopic rod, the two electric telescopic rod pull the fixing plate, so that the fixing plate is placed in the rectangular gap. Reduce the movement of the workpiece, facilitate cutting the workpiece from different directions, saving cutting time; enabling the fixed sleeve and protective sleeve in the outer peripheral side of the plasma cutting head, by setting the protective sleeve and fixed sleeve, avoid cutting iron splash, effect

2021 10-25

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