Three-plasma cutting machine
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Three-plasma cutting machine

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Month, the universe machine produced a multi plasma machines can cut simultaneously three meters 2.5 meters X12 standard sheet machine span was 8.5 m, and compared to conventional dual plasma machine, productivity increased by 50%, which high-volume customers the same task sheet cutting is good news.

All along, plasma cutting is more than a puzzle cutting machine cutting machine manufacturing and customer a technical problem, on the one hand can be a lot of customers want single cut sheet in the unit time to increase production, on the other hand has been manufacturing cutting machine CNC axis number restrictions can not pay more plasma cutting head.

Universe own team through CNC software updates can be installed not only a plurality of plasma cutting head, may also be implemented a plurality of fine cutting torch plasma arc voltage of the built-in height control, Z-axis and the real multi-torch frog jumping and other functions have become a reality, a true 6-axis three linkage

Third-class plasma cutting machineThird-class plasma cutting machineThird-class plasma cutting machine

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