Laser cutting machine manufacturer: application advantage of laser welding technology in automotive intelligent manufacturing
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Laser cutting machine manufacturer: application advantage of laser welding technology in automotive intelligent manufacturing

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers: the advantages of laser welding technology in the automotive application of Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing purpose is to improve production, management, safety, quality management, energy, lean production, promote the overall level of manufacturing enterprises car industry, industrial 4.0.

With the development of applications of laser technology, laser welding technology is widely used in many areas of consumer electronics, packaging, shipping, aviation and aerospace, especially in the field of manufacturing welding doors, roof, side frames and parts.

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Modern vehicle performance not only practical, economical and beautiful, low traditional way of welding efficiency, low variability, low accuracy, precision welding current demand from the automotive and intelligent manufacturing of low-cost processing requirements difficult to meet.

In laser cutting machine manufacturers and automotive manufacturing industry in the production process, laser welding techniques to a high energy density of the laser beam as a heat source, high-precision welding, the welding method effective, automobile manufacturing advantages projection, more and more popular.

laser cutterManufacturers: laser welding technology in automotive intelligent manufacturing advantages as follows:

1 advantage, reduce processing costs

Welding the vehicle structural member by welding and a plurality of rivet assembling prefabricated modern laser welding technology can reduce the number of welding members, the material used to optimize and reduce part weight, to reduce costs.

2 advantage, increase productivity

Laser welding to provide a computer or digital control, accurate position, and the welding speed welding tens of meters per minute, and helps to shorten the processing directly manufacturing cycle, to increase productivity.

3 advantage, high welding quality, reduce unnecessary decoration

The laser beam may be small welded part, the body sheet metal material integrally welded engagement, smooth and clean surface, the overall texture, without adding decorative to hide.

4 advantage, reduce losses and the effects of mechanical deformation

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Laser welding technology and general contact welding methods,laser cutterManufacturers, car manufacturers do not need to be used during the laser welding technique electrode, effects on the mechanical equipment and the loss of deformation is small, it can greatly reduce the amount of heat absorption, heat conduction to reduce the incidence of adverse effects resulting.

Advantages 5, widely brazing material, cost-effective

Physical properties can be two different materials, e.g., two different resistance weld metal material without the use of X-rays in the actual welding process to protect does not require a vacuum environment.

With the expansion of global automotive mayor / market demand, speed up the manufacturing process to laser technology as the representative of advanced manufacturing technology is also pushing to replace the manufacturing sector. Series of laser welding equipment can helplaser cutterManufacturers, car manufacturers improve the quality of welding interfaces together, reduce accidents and loss due to joint problems caused, to help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, respond flexibly to market changes.

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