What is the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou? what's the effect?
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What is the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou? what's the effect?

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  What is the plasma cutting machine in Suzhou? What is the role?

  Suzhou plasma cutting machine is a very powerful machine that can cut metal. Some of them are huge, enough to penetrate very thick fragments, just like knives penetrate butter. More information is provided in the vibration chain. Suzhou plasma cutting machine is a must -have equipment for some welders. In fact, its function is exactly the opposite. It is not to melt the metal plate together, but to tear them away with Suzhou plasma cutting machine. At some work points, it is necessary to cut off some unnecessary parts, or when you try to shape something together. However, like everything in the welding industry, Suzhou plasma cutting machines are also developing. In order to cut thick materials, a larger metal cutting machine has been manufactured. In addition to power supply, automation is a major supplement.

  Because students are an important dangerous process, robots or machines can execute such enterprise work safer than practical problems. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this machine? Some people oppose robotic plasma cutting, while others think that this is the way to achieve the development goal of society in my country. We are uncertain whether robot plasma cutting will replace traditional artificial plasma cutting. However, every historical story must have a positive side.

  Let's compare the two.

  What is a plasma cutting? First of all, we explain the actual process of plasma cutting. Experts say that plasma is the fourth state of substances, and the first three states are solids, liquid and gas. Therefore, plasma cutting is the melting process of ionizing air flow from the high -speed spray gun.

  In this process, an arc formed between the electrode or cathode and the workpiece (also known as anode). The electrode is then embedded in the air or cold gas nozzle to limit the arc. At this time, the narrow high -speed and high -temperature airflow will begin to form a plasma. The plasma flow generated by the spray gun can reach a temperature of about 20.000 degrees Celsius. This is enough to cut any metal. Industry uses this method to cut metals with different thickness. The hotter airflow, the stronger the ability to cut plasma. You can use it to cut thicker metal boards. However, there is a significant difference between manual plasma cutting and robotic plasma cutting. Perhaps the most obvious difference between robot plasma cutting machine and manual cutting machine is the energy it generates.

  Manual plasma cutting machine is usually a small device with light weight and easy to carry. Because they do not have the ability to produce so much calories, they can't produce so much energy. Robot plasma cutting machine is a fixed machine that generates a lot of heat. Therefore, the plasma they produce is very hot. Some robots cannot measure manually. Generally speaking, robots used in the construction industry must cut very thick metal boards. It is also very dangerous to stand near such a huge heat. Therefore, manual plasma cutting machines are more suitable for small projects, and people usually use them around the workshop for basic types of cutting or cut materials.

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