What are the operational precautions of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?
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What are the operational precautions of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?

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  The development prospects of the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine in the industry are very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when using it, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone make it more, we will talk about it next. The operation of the operation of the plasma cutting machine in Jiangsu? I hope to help more people.

  Nowadays, there are still many people who do not understand some of the basic information of the plasma cutting machine of Jiangsu, so as a manufacturer, it is also necessary for us to explain it briefly. In fact, the use of this Jiangsu plasma cutting machine seems to be noticed. When using the machine tool, the operator must read the machine tools, understand the content, and then operate the machine tool. Before you are familiar with the operation of the machine tool, do not mobilize the machine tool to avoid safety accidents. In addition, the installation and calibration of the tool electrode must ensure that the tool electrode is perpendicular to the processing direction and the plane of the workbench. Of course, it is also recommended that you pay attention to checking the discharge gap before processing, that is, a tool that connects different polarity and workpieces must be kept a certain distance to form a discharge gap, generally about 0.01 ~ 0.1mm. There must be sufficient pulse discharge energy. To ensure that the pulse power supply is one -way by the voltage pulse waveform that is applied to the workpiece on the liquid medium and the tool electrode, to ensure the melting or vaporization of the metal of the discharge site, and the discharge must be performed in the liquid medium under a certain insulation performance. Civilized production must also be achieved in homework. After the processing operation is completed, the workplace must be cleaned, and the plasma cutting machine of Jiangsu must be cleaned. The system power supply must be cut off before leaving.

  When operating the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine, you need to pay attention to the selection of rinse and pumping methods according to the processing requirements, reasonably set the working liquid pressure, and strictly control the height of the work liquid. Of course, you also need to check the filter element of the working liquid system filter. If there is a blockage, it should be replaced in time to ensure that the working liquid can be automatically kept to a certain amount of cleanliness, and it should be replaced regularly according to the service life of the work solution. Next, I suggest you check whether the lubricant is sufficient and the pipeline is blocked. For flammable working liquids, it is necessary to protect the fire prevention during use. Wipe the appearance of the machine tool regularly, such as operating panel; system display. In the later period, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is a dust in the inlet and outlet of the electrical cabinet of the plasma cutting machine and the electrical cabinet in the electrical cabinet. Check whether the power panel, servo unit, and spindle unit in the electrical cabinet have float dust, and remove it with a brush or vacuum cleaner during power off. Check whether the main axis fan is rotated. Check whether the relay movement on the electrical board is normal, whether the capacitance and discharge resistance are normal, and change if necessary.

  After the introduction above, we also have a further understanding of the operation of the plasma cutting machine of Jiangsu. I won't feel strange when I see him in the future, and there will be no problems during the process of use. Well, this is the case today, I believe it will bring more exciting knowledge points


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