The performance of the ground -orbit laser cutting machine is related to what factors related to
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The performance of the ground -orbit laser cutting machine is related to what factors related to

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At present, the ground -orbit laser cutting machine has been applied to various fields, and the performance of the equipment is the basis for determining the efficiency of processing. So how to judge the performance of the laser cutting machine? Is the performance of laser cutting machines be determined by cutting accuracy, cutting speed, cutting effect and stability factors?

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Cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine:
The cutting accuracy of the rail -orbiting laser cutting machine is related to the availability of finished parts, so it is also one of the issues that are more concerned. With the continuous progress of technology, the accuracy requirements of the product are getting higher and higher. More and more manufacturers choose laser cutting machines. Over time, the accuracy has some errors. What are the causes of these errors?
1. Focus on the size of the laser beam. The smaller the light spots after the laser beam, the higher the accuracy of the cutting.
2. The positioning accuracy of the workbench determines the repeat accuracy of the cutting. The higher the accuracy of the workbench, the higher the accuracy of the cutting.
3. The larger the thickness of the workpiece, the larger the slit, the lower the accuracy. Because the laser beam is cone -shaped, and the slit is also cone -shaped, the thicker the plate, the larger the cut slit, the lower the cutting accuracy.
4. The workpiece material has a certain effect on the accuracy of laser cutting. In the same case, stainless steel has higher cutting accuracy than aluminum and smoother sections.
Speed ​​and cutting effect of ground -orbit laser cutting machine:
The advantage of laser cutting is that there is no cutting burr and high efficiency. Many equipment manufacturers choose the appropriate sheet metal and parts of laser cutting machines, and the processing efficiency and accuracy are better than traditional stamping and molding processes. Laser processing does not have mold consumption, saves processing costs, speeds up the production cycle, and greatly improves the overall processing efficiency. Due to the different types and thickness of the processing materials, and the effects of various factors, the cutting speed will also change accordingly, which will affect the cutting effect.
1. Appropriate cutting speed can improve the quality of the cut, that is, the incision is slightly narrow, the surface of the incision is smoother, and the deformation can be reduced.
2. The cutting speed is too fast to make the linear energy of cutting lower than the required value. During the segmentation process, the shot cannot quickly blow away the melting cutting melt, resulting in a large number of post -resistance. As the residue hangs in the slit, the surface quality of the slit is reduced.
3. When the cutting speed is too low, because the cutting is the anode of plasma arcs, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself, the anode spots or anode areas must find a part of the conduction current near the slit closest to the arc. The radial transmission of more calories, so that the lubbles on both sides of the slit and the sides of the slit gathered and solidified on the bottom side, forming a slag that is not easy to clean, and the upper edge of the slit becomes rounded due to excessive heating and melting.
4. When the speed is extremely low, because the incision is too wide, the arc will even go out. It can be seen that good cutting quality is inseparable from the cutting speed.
The stability of the rail -orbiting laser cutting machine:
How to measure the stability of a rail -orbiting laser cutting machine is a problem for many buyers. The overall frame of the laser cutting machine consists of beams, end frames and metal plates. The beams generally adopt a rectangular square tube structure, which has a high strength and rigidity after ignition by ignition. Some machinery realizes high -precision gear rack transmission, and the guide rail is refined by high -precision guide rails. The sliding rail of the precision processing is fixed on the basis of concrete or steel frame, and is equipped with adjustment bolts for easy installation and adjustment. The vertical driver system is installed in the vertical frame, and the low -level design makes the transmission more reasonable and stable. The overall stability of the device is closely related to the configuration of the whole machine. A reasonable matching can make the laser cutting machine run more stable.
The above is the factors that affect the performance of the laser cutting machine. In order to make it more efficient, you must pay attention when using it.

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