The advantages of large surface laser cutting machines!
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The advantages of large surface laser cutting machines!

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  Significant face laser cutting machineIt is a new type of laser cutting machine. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and low loss. It can be used to cut various materials, such as metal, wood, glass, plastic, textiles, etc. It is mainly used for manufacturing and processing in industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, and is widely used in electronic appliances, precision instruments, automotive parts, furniture accessories, aerospace, hats and bags.

  Significant surface laser cutting machines can be used in various industries, and its application scope is quite wide. It can be used to manufacture metal parts, such as car parts, furniture parts, aerospace parts, electronic electrical parts, etc., and parts of various complex shapes, such as gears, tension rods, brackets, molds, etc. In addition, laser cutting machines can also be used to manufacture products such as clothing, luggage, buttocks.

  There are also more and more application for large surface laser cutting machines, such as graphic production, advertising production, glass cutting, plastic processing, ceramic processing, etc., and can even be used for innovative production, such as 3D printers, creative gifts, etc.

  In short,Significant face laser cutting machineIt plays an important role in industrial manufacturing and innovation production. Its emergence provides more possibilities for all walks of life and brings unlimited development space.

  What are the precautions prepared before operation?

  1. Before use, check whether the machine's grounding is normal, whether the power grid voltage is stable, whether the power supply is connected, and whether the gas source meets the requirements.

  2. Check whether the optical mirror is clean, replace it with a new polished cloth material, adjust the focus of the optical mirror, and set the working parameters before the operation to ensure that the machine's parameters are set correctly to ensure the cutting quality.

  3. Set the working parameters to determine the thickness, size and location of the material to be cut, clean the cutting table to avoid affecting the cutting quality.

  4. According to the cutting requirements, prepare the support to ensure the stability of the material to avoid being affected by the vibration. Before the operation, the security of the support should be confirmed.

  What are the precautions during use?

  1. Before starting the machine, you should observe the operating conditions of the machine to confirm whether the machine is abnormal and abnormal. If abnormal noise is found, use it in time to check the machine and confirm the safety before continuing to use it.

  2. During the operating of the machine, the machine temperature should be checked frequently to avoid exceeding the rated temperature of the machine and damage.

  3. During the operation, the material shall not be moved, so as not to affect the cutting accuracy, and not change the work parameters without authorization, so as not to affect the cutting quality.

  4. The laser cutting machine is high -temperature equipment. When operating, it should prevent high temperature burns. We can wear high -temperature clothing and pay attention to safety.

  What are the precautions after operation?

  1. After using it, clean the span mirror, clean and cut the table, check the temperature of the machine everywhere, and ensure the safety of the machine.

  2. Check whether the grounding of the machine is normal and confirm whether the machine is safe. If there are abnormal conditions, it should be stopped immediately and maintained in time.

  3. Before stopping use, check whether the cutting effect should be satisfactory. If there are abnormalities, the parameters should be adjusted in time to ensure the cutting effect.

  4. After use, the machine should be turned off safely and check whether the machine interface has foreign objects to cover the machine to prevent the machine from moisture.

  useSignificant face laser cutting machineFrom the preparations before operation, the precautions during use, and the attention after the operation, the user requires sufficient safety awareness. During the use process, the machine's operating conditions and temperature should be checked frequently to ensure that the machine runs normally. Make sure the cutting quality and avoid unnecessary losses.

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