Related Knowledge of Plasma Cutting Machines
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Related Knowledge of Plasma Cutting Machines

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what isPlasma cutting machineWoolen cloth? The following small series gave you a popular knowledge about the plasma cutting machine, I hope to help everyone.

Plasma cutting machineThe main advantage is fast, especially when the thickness of the thickness is not large, the velocity can be reaches oxygen cutting method when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheets.5 ~ 6Double, and the cutting surface is smooth, the heat is small, there is almost no heat affected zone! Therefore, the plasma cutting machine has a wide range of applications in all walks of life in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, construction machinery, steel structures.

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The main stability, cutting quality and effect of the cutting process are mainlyPlasma cutting machineProcess parameters, plasma cutting machines need to have sufficiently high no-load voltages, which is easy to stabilize plasma arc. IncreasePlasma cutting machineThe cutting current can also increase the power of the plasma arc, but it will be limited by the current, otherwise the plasma arc column is thicker, the width of the tow is increased, and the electrode life is lowered.

Want to increase the arc column voltage, enhance the compression of the arc column, we can increasePlasma cutting machineThe gas flow rate makes it more concentrated, and the injection is stronger, and thus the cutting speed and quality can be improved. However, because the gas flow is too large, it will make the arc column shortened, the loss of heat is increased, and the cutting capacity is reduced, and even make the cutting process cannot be carried out.

Plasma cutting machineShrinkage in the electrode means an electrode from the nozzle to the cutting end face of the arc to obtain good compression in the cutting tip, the energy concentration is obtained, the high temperature plasma arc cutting and effective, there should be a suitable distance. The distance is too large or too small are not, it will cause severe burning of the electrode, cutting nozzle will burn, resulting in decreased cutting capacity. Plasma cutting machine cutting nozzle height cutting tip end surface to the distance is cut the workpiece surface, it neck-electrodes, requires a suitable distance, in order to give full play to the plasma arc cutting efficiency, otherwise it will decrease cutting efficiency and cutting quality or the cutting tip burn.

Above is aboutPlasma cutting machineRelated presentations, I believe that with the above explanation, for all plasma cutting machines have a new understanding!

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