Plasma sloped cutting machine maintenance
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Plasma sloped cutting machine maintenance

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  Plasma slope cutting machineIt is a machine that processs metal materials through plasma cutting technology. The plasma sloped cutting machine is a part or melting of the metal part of the workpiece incision using the heat of the high -temperature plasma arc to eliminate the molten metal through the momentum of the high -speed plasma. Then, let's take a look at the maintenance of the ion -gastric cutting machine for maintenance.

  1. Plasma sloper cutting machine maintenance:

  1. Correctly assembled a plasma sloper cutting machine

  Install the equipment correctly and carefully to ensure the applicability of all components and ensure the circulation of gas and cooling gases. Put all parts on a clean velvet to prevent the dirt on the part. Add appropriate lubricating oil to the O -type circle, and the O -type circle is brightened. Do not put too much.

  2. The consumables should be replaced in time before completely damaging

  Do not replace it after the damage is completely damaged. Because severe wear electrodes, nozzles, and vortex rings will produce uncontrollable plasma arcs, which can easily cause severe damage to the torch. Therefore, when the cutting quality is discovered, consumables should be checked immediately.

  3. Cleaning the torch connection screw

  When replacing consumables or daily repair inspections, be sure to clean the inner and outer threads of the torch, and clean or repair the connection screw as needed.

  4. Clean the contact surface of the electrode and the nozzle

  In the plasma sloper cutting machine, the contact surface of the nozzle and the electrode is a charged contact surface. If these contact surfaces have dirt, they cannot work properly, so they should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide detergent.

  5. Check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling air flow every day. If the flow is not sufficient or leaky, please stop and eliminate the failure immediately.

  6. Avoid collision damage. In order to avoid cutting torch collision damage, it is necessary to correctly program to avoid the system oversupply. Installing the anti -collision device can effectively avoid the torch damage during collision.

  7. Common cause of torch damage

  (1) Cut the torch collision.

  (2) Destructive plasma arc caused by damage damage.

  (3) Destroyed plasma arc caused by dirt.

  (4) Destroyed plasma arc caused by loose parts.

  8. Note

  (1) Do not apply oil on the torch.

  (2) Do not use the lubricant of the O -type ring too.

  (3) When the protective cover is left on the torch, please do not spray the anti -flying agent.

  (4) As a hammer, please do not cut the torch with your hand.

  The above is the maintenance of the plasma sloper cutting machine. If you need to learn more, you can contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience and wait for you to join at any time.

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