Matters need to pay attention to purchasing plasma cutters
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Matters need to pay attention to purchasing plasma cutters

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Do you know how to select plasma cutting machine do? Sometimes you may not feel appropriate for use. When you select the plasma cutting machine, you should be selected according to your cut metal thickness and continuous rated load rate.

1, you most often determined thickness of the metal cutting. The first factor in choosing a plasma cutting machine is determined by the thickness of the metal to be cut. mostPlasma Cutting MachineIt is determined by the power and current cutting ability. So, if you usually cut thin metal, it should be considered low current plasma cutting machine. Also, while small machine may be of a certain thickness of metal cutting, but cutting quality may not be assured. Instead, the results you might get is barely cut through metal residues will be left unused. Each machine has a cutting range of high quality and maximum cutting capacity - Make sure your cutting thickness within a cutting range. Generally, plasma cutting machine is generally rated output current of 40-400 amps.

2, select the best rated load sustained cut rate. If you want to usePlasma Cutting MachineFor a long time cutting or automatic cutting, be sure to check the machine's rated load duration. Rated working load duration is simply continuous operating time before torch overheating require cooling. Rated duty cycle is generally determined by the percentage based on 10 minutes. for example. 50 amps of current and 60% of the rated load duration means you can cut off the continuous output current of 50 amps 6 minutes (10 minutes 100%). Continuous rated load ratio, the longer the time of cutting can be maintained.

Plasma cutting machine runtime will generate a lot of smoke and particulate matter, dust need for treatment and disposal systems. When the dust removal system failure, how should I do? For example, there is no dust removal system kickback phenomenon, no significant backlash. Under normal operation of the motor, no leakage, no blowback action. After opening the box, they found cartridge surface dust accumulation.

Another example is when the dust removal system starts up normally,Plasma Cutting MachineThere are dust when cutting, cleaning frequently. After checking blowback leakage phenomenon. After disassembly cleaning system, they found cleaning pad cleaning pad damage or incorrect assembly, while the connecting line is damaged. Frequent cleaning also contributed to cleaning pads wearing one of the reasons. By manual adjustment, the backflush time is preferably set to 20s, and provided a reasonable cycle time.

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