Local rail -orbit laser cutting machine protects the lens because of water mist.
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Local rail -orbit laser cutting machine protects the lens because of water mist.

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During the cutting process of the ground -orbit laser cutting machine, the auxiliary gas is essential, and commonly used is commonly used aerobic and nitrogen. Of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the cutting quality. Many customers want to save costs by using cutting air. However, in the process of cutting, there is always water mist on the protection lens, and the cutting quality is poor. Why is this?


First of all, to popularize the role of auxiliary gas:
1. Blowing away the residual waste residue to achieve a good cutting effect.
2. Blow the metal slag with gas, and protect the lens of the ground -rail laser cutting machine to prevent the slag from attached to the lens and affect the cutting quality.
3. It can effectively achieve the effect of smooth cutting surface, burrs, and no slag, which is a fine cut.

4. It can react with the material to improve the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can achieve the effect of burning.


Therefore, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements for theuxiliary gas are higher. Although air can be used as auxiliary gases, it contains water and oil. If it is not handled, the lens pollution of the ground -rail laser cutting machine will be unstable, and the cutting head is unstable, and the cutting effect and quality will not reach the standard. Therefore, when cutting air is used, a cold dryer needs to be equipped with a rail -orbit laser cutter, which solves this problem well. The air -cooler can force the compressed air to cool down below the required dew point, so that a large amount of water vapor and oil fog contained in it can be condensed into liquid droplets, and the air -cooler is separated by the gas liquid to dry the air.

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