Let's talk about how to design the start speed of the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine
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Let's talk about how to design the start speed of the Jiangsu plasma cutting machine

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  Talk about how to designJiangsu plasma cutting machineStart speed

  There are many factors that affect the quality of Jiangsu plasma cutting machines, such as vacuum voltage and arc pillars operating voltage, laser cutting current, electrical intra -level shrinkage, relatively high height of cutting guns, etc. Stability, laser cutting quality and practical effect of laser cutting. Generally speaking, a variety of factors such as the working voltage of the air load voltage and the arc pillar, the size of the laser cutting current, the decline in the electrical level, and the relatively high height of the cutting gun are directly related to the reduction of the plasma arc. Energy, and the high temperature and high efficiency energy of plasma arcs determine the laser cutting rate, so it can be said that the above aspects are actually related to the laser cutting rate.

  As a CNC cutting device, it should increase the laser cutting rate as much as possible under the premise of ensuring laser cutting quality. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the variables of the cut parts and the heat -hazard areas of the sewing area. If the laser cutting rate is not suitable, the actual effect is in turn, and the stickiness will be improved, and the laser cutting quality will be reduced.

  At this stage, Jiangsu plasma cutting machines are divided into a variety of differences based on laser cutting, and the standards of laser cutting rates of cutting gas are also different.

  The laser cutting process of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine needs to cause noise, dust, electro -light, and metal material steam, which causes environmental pollution to the surrounding environment. It is particularly obvious when high -voltage laser cutting or cutting rare metals. Today, there are several types of different types of machinery and equipment and technologies mainly used to reduce the level of environmental pollution. In addition to boiling water compressing plasma arc laser cutting, water cutting and laser cutting under the river surface are effective ways to suppress environmental pollution.

  There must be a water storage tank for laser cutting on the surface of the water surface. The water storage tank is used for the placement of the workpiece operating table consisting of several orderly tip -shaped steel structure components. On the surface. When cutting the gun, the surrounding layer of the ion arc is shrouded in a layer of cooling water curtain. In order to keep the water curtain continuously cooling, a circular pump is needed to pull the water out of the water storage tank and then hit the gun. When the water was sprayed from the cutting gun, the cooling curtain surrounded by the plasma arc was generated.

  Interpretation of the safety operating procedures of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine

  In order to reduce the damage and accidental damage of the NC machine tool Jiangsu plasma cutting machine, in addition to the daily maintenance, the employees should also be properly and quickly operate. This is the obligation of the machine and the personal safety of the employees themselves.

  1. The operators must wear dust -proof masks, welding gloves, sunshads, over -concern dust masks, and sound insulation earmuffs. Those who do not wear a mirror work cannot immediately observe the plasma arc, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the plasma arc.

  2. During laser cutting, the operator should operate in the actual operation. It can draw the gas from the bottom of the operating table and reduce the total area of ​​openness on the operating table.

  3. When laser cutting, when the air load voltage is too large, check the condition of laser cutting connector electrical grounding and zero and insulation layer. The operating table is an insulation layer with the pavement, or the full load isolated switch is assembled on the electrical control system.

  4. High -frequency generator should be provided with interference magnetic rings. After the application of high -frequency arcs, high -frequency circuits should be disconnected immediately.

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