How to improve the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine?
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How to improve the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine?

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CNC plasma cutting machines should do a long distance from the control system of the CNC machine tool, using a wireCNC plasma cutting machineThe power housing is grounded, grounding the power supply unit of the drive, with copper and aluminum shielding cable, can effectively suppress interference of high frequency batteries.

After the shield is ground, you can also change the electric field, the electrostatic induction of the new line will control the line of the control system, or the input of the plasma cutting machine power supply, the filter is a kind of one to eliminate interference. The device will be filtered to obtain a more pure DC. For a frequency point of a particular frequency, or more frequent filtering circuits other than the frequency point, the function of the filter obtains a specific frequency, or eliminates a specific frequency. CNC plasma cutting machine exterior housings, better ground wire on the bolt of the switch and the control card connection.

The area of ​​the CNC plasma cutting machine plasma arc cutting machine is very large, it is recommended to lay a grounding device separately and the grounding device should be connected to the machine cabinet, and even the cable sliding bracket reliably, so that the induction high frequency on the shell The interference voltage has a low impedance leak passage. Make them more safe to personnel in non-compliance, and more powerful debrisions.

CNC plasma cutting machine

The above is about how the CNC plasma cutting machine solves the interference method, and the plasma CNC cutter of the device is better to avoid current interference. The installed plasma cutting machine is equipped with a higher efficiency through such a method, and there will be a relatively large guarantee for the safety of the operator. In the whole process, the filter is a major part because it enables the main role of eliminating interference.

Another one is to considerCNC plasma cutting machineThe machine tool is very big, so I have to consider his position arrangement. It is recommended to lay a big land installation alone, like this larger machine, put it alone in one place, so It is also more convenient to install and operate, if the venue is relatively small, the installation and operation is very inconvenient, and there will be some security hidden dangers.

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