Governance method of digital control plasma cutting machine
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Governance method of digital control plasma cutting machine

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In the current industrial production, the CNC plasma cutting machine is compared to traditional flame cutting techniques.CNC plasma cutting machineThe technology, in the process of cutting the metal sheet, its cutting accuracy is high, the speed of cutting is also very fast, so it is also more extensive in the mechanical industry.

The general large number of control plasma cutting machine generates a lot of smoke when cutting the steel sheet, which is sprayed out from the workpiece to the entire workpiece, so that the dust is very bad. This caused the worker's labor conditions very bad. Not only will the health of the staff will also make the work productivity decline, but also bring more and more serious pollution problems.

The smoke control of the CNC plasma cutting machine is also increasing, so strengthening labor protection, improving labor conditions, improving production efficiency, fundamentally improving the environment, ensuring workers' health conditions, improving production efficiency, providing satisfied smoke purification systems . There are generally two ways to do so for the smoke treatment of CNC cutting machines, one is a wet treatment method, and the other is a dry treatment method.

CNC plasma cutting machine

1. Now our country's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction green environmental protection is getting higher and higher. Most companies are also given to the use of plasma underwater cutting methods so-called application treatment, that is, set a water bed below the cutting platform. Let the workpiece complete the cutting operation in water in water so that the oxide produced by the cut is a water replenishment to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.

This processing method only needs a deposit container, one-time investment, saves money, but this treatment method will also cause secondary pollution, and metal oxide is easy to slap underwater, and it has been difficult to make it in the north. The area is relatively cold during the area, which will also cause the water in this platform to be inconvenient, and this treatment method is not suitable for the material of aluminum magnesium because explosive dust metal cutting is produced in the cutting. Purification of smoke. Wet dust removal still has some shortcomings, that is, the steel plate and water contact are also easy to rust when cutting, and lower underwater cutting efficiency.

2. The dry treatment method is also the development of the cutting machine, and it is constantly being replaced. When you start, it isCNC plasma cutting machineThe cutting head is applied to an active suction stove, but it will be found in the practical application, because the gaps at the cutting steel and the cutting are very narrow, most of the soot is under the steel plate, and there is no way in the upper dust cover. The effect of smoking is achieved.

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