Detailed explanation of the advantages of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?
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Detailed explanation of the advantages of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine?

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  Jiangsu plasma cutting machine uses some plasma power supply to have the characteristics of constant current. In fact, during the cutting process, the cutting current is always equal to the set current, and the arc voltage changes at a fixed speed. Essence

  The Jiangsu plasma cutting machine has an excellent high -frequency arc control technology and the structure of the separation of the arc and the power supply, which greatly reduces the interference of the high -frequency CNC system. The air controller is separated from the power supply, the air path is shorter, the air pressure is stable, and the cutting quality is better. And it also has a high load continuity, which reduces the consumption of the plasma cutting machine accessories. With gas pressure detection and indication function. With gas testing function, it is convenient to regulate gas pressure. There are also automatic protection functions during the operation during operation. The equipment rack adopts a full -weld structure, is solid and reasonable, convenient to operate, and durable. Especially Jiangsu plasma cutting machines have fast cutting speed and high accuracy. The cutting port is small, neat, and there is no slag. Based on the traditional CNC system, the cutting control method was improved to avoid the secondary repair process. Therefore, Jiangsu plasma cutting machine is also suitable for metal plates such as low -carbon steel plates, copper plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, galvanized plates, and titanium plates. CNC system configuration is high. Automatic arc -induced arc, stable performance, and the success rate of the arc reaching more than 99%.

  The plasma cutting machine of Jiangsu was heated to high temperature and highly ionizing gases at runtime, and passed the arc energy to the workpiece. The high heat melted the workpiece and was blown off, forming the working state arc cutting of the plasma. At this time, after the compressed air entered the torch, it was allocated into two paths by the gas chamber, that is, forming plasma gases and auxiliary gases. Plasma gases melter the metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the torch component and blows away the melting metal. In addition, the cutting power of the device includes two parts: main circuit and control circuit. Electrical principles: The main circuit is composed of the main circuit contactor, high leakage anti -three -phase power transformer, three -phase bridge rectifier, high -frequency arc coil and protection element. The external characteristics of the power supply of the plasma cutting machine in Jiangsu are caused by high leakage resistance. The control circuit completes the entire cutting process through the button switch on the torch. Therefore, in the operation process, pre -ventilation -main circuit power supply -high -frequency arc -citing process -stop -stop. In addition, the power supply of the main circuit is controlled by the contactor; the gas flow is controlled by the solenoid valve; the control circuit controls the high -frequency oscillator to ignite the arc, and the high -frequency stop work after the arc is established. In addition, Jiangsu plasma cutting machine also has the following internal locking function. Thermal control switch action and stop work.

  After the introduction above, we also have a better understanding of the advantages of Jiangsu plasma cutting machine. I won't feel strange when I see him in the future, and there will be no problems during the process of use. Well, this is the case today, I believe it will bring more exciting knowledge points.


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