CNC plasma cutting machine related common sense
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CNC plasma cutting machine related common sense

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When the CNC plasma cutting machine works, if the input air pressure is much lower than the air pressure required by the device, the injection speed of the plasma arc will be reduced. If the flow rate of the input air is less than the specified value, it will not form a high-energy high-speed plasma arc, resulting in cutting quality. Poor, cutting, rumor, etc.CNC plasma cutting machineThe reason why the air pressure is insufficient, including the air compressor intake, the air conditioning valve pressure is too low, the solenoid valve is blocked, the gas path is not smooth.

Workaround: CNC plasma cutting machine CAUTION Note before cutting the output pressure display of the air press. If the requirements are not met, the pressure setting or maintenance of the air compressor is adjusted. If you need to enter air pressure, check if the pressure adjustment of the air filter pressure reducing valve is correct, the pressure of the air pressure gauge display can meet the cutting requirements; otherwise, the air filter pressure reducing valve should be maintained to ensure input air dry and no oil Pollution. If the air quality is input, it will cause oil pollution in the solenoid valve, so that the spool is difficult to open, the valve port cannot be fully opened.

Plasma cutting machine

GroundedCNC plasma cutting machineEssential preparation. No special grounding tools, the surface insulation or groundingline aging of the workpiece can cause poor contact with the ground wire.

Solution: Use a dedicated ground tool to check if the grounding wire is in good contact with the workpiece. Do not use aging grounding lines.

Cut nozzle and electrode damage of CNC plasma cutting machine: If the cutting nozzle is installed, no tightening, the water-cooled torch is not connected to the cooling system, and the loss of the nozzle will increase.

Workaround: Adjust the correct gear of the device according to the correlation parameters of the cutting workpiece, check if the torch and the cutting are firmly installed; the water-cooled torch should be recycled in advance.

Dust removal equipment of CNC plasma cutting machine: Pulse bag dust collector isCNC plasma cutting machineThe main equipment of dust purification. Pulse bag dust collector absorbs and filter dust. For different dust and smoke, the dust bag can be made of a variety of materials, which is flexible. Pulse high pressure blowing technology can blow dust in the surface of the adsorption dust bag into the gray bucket, and the gray valve is provided below the debris, and the dust is discharged.

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