A simple structure, easy to use CNC plasma cutting machine
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A simple structure, easy to use CNC plasma cutting machine

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At present, there is a low work efficiency, which is not possible to complicate the metal plate, and it is necessary to further change.Plasma cutting machineIt is a method of forming the metal partial melting at the workpiece inlet by heat, using heat of the high-temperature plasma arc, and the machining method of forming a gap is removed by the momentum of the high-speed plasma. The apparatus can be used to cut various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel, and the like. Not only cutting flat, narrow cutting, small heat affected zone, fast cutting speed, low degree of deformation, simple operation, but also good energy saving effect. In the plasma cutting machine of the prior art, the X-axis rail and the Y-axis rail are composed of screws and nuts, and the screws and nuts pushed the corresponding X-axis fixing frame and the Y-axis fixing frame in the screw direction, and X The shaft and y-axis screw are in a rotational state. When the screw in the Y-axis direction is generally longer, the screw is easily jitter when the screw is rotated, and the head mechanism is jitter, resulting in inaccurate cutting positioning.

Plasma cutting machine

This article provides you with a simple structure, convenient use, solving the problem of screw rocking, saving time and effort, mitigation of workers' labor intensityPlasma cutting machine. In order to achieve the above object, the utility model provides a CNC plasma cutter, including a horizontal sliding mechanism, a platform mechanism, a platform mechanism, a platform mechanism, a plasma cutting mechanism disposed on a horizontal sliding mechanism, and a plasma cutting mechanism disposed on the horizontal sliding mechanism. One end of the beam is provided with a numerical control cabinet; the horizontal sliding mechanism includes a rack, horizontal rail, a horizontal rail, a gear that is adapted to the rack and a lower end beam connected to the gear, and the bottom end of the lower end beam Square guide wheel adapted to the gear; one track is provided on the side of the cross member, a two orbit is provided on the bottom of the beam; the plasma cutting mechanism includes a plasma power mounted on the beam, sliding on a rail and two orbit Plate, plasma elevator, plasma torch head bracket, plasma torch head bracket, plasma torch head bracket and torch head mounted on the bottom of the plasma lift. Between the beams and the retaining plate, there is a slider, a plain and a plasma elevator, and a slider is provided between the hooking and the plasma elevator, and there is a slider between the hooking and one orbit. At both ends of the beam are provided with a limiter, a system cabinet is provided on the side of the other end. The platform mechanism includes a table and Fang Steel, and Fang Steel is disposed on four corners of the bottom of the material table, and the top of the square steel is connected to the horizontal slide rail.

In summary, the utility model uses the number of controls described above.Plasma cutting machineEasy to use, simple structure, time and effort, solve the problem of screw shake, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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