Clear the following points, improve the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machines
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Clear the following points, improve the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machines

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With the continuous development of technology, the application of CNC plasma cutting machines has become more and more extensive, butCNC plasma cutting machineThe slope problem of the appearance has become a common problem in the industry. How to reduce the slope increase in the number of control plasma cutting machines, the quality of product cutting is that many more control plasma cutting machine users are very concerned about today, let's share, about how A method of reducing plasma cutting machine slope and enhances product cutting quality.

CNC plasma cutting machine

First of all, we must understand this.CNC plasma cutting machineWhat is the cause of the slope, the cause of the problem can be found more effectively to solve the problem, affecting the first factor of the number of control plasma cutting grooves is the factors of plasma power supply and performance, for example, routine cutting same rear board, The larger the plasma function, the better the cutting performance, the smaller its groove. When cutting different sheets, the smaller the thickness of the cutting sheet is not obvious, and its groove problem is not obvious, so it is necessary to reduce the plasma cutting slope problem.

First, according to the requirements and precision to choose more suitable plasma power supplies, do not have a plasma power supply to run, so that it can be more effective from the source when cutting, follow the principles, the plasma power supply is bigger than Small is better, imports are better than domestic, fine plasma better than ordinary plasma, of course, this should be determined according to their own requirements, how to select the appropriate power supply.

Second, when plasma cutting, the stability of low pressure is also affecting the cutting slope, which is related to cutting quality or too small, which will cause these problems such as rough slope.

Third, the impact of cutting speed on the cutting slope is the most critical. Generally, the faster the CNC plasma cutting machine is cut, the more rough cutting surface, the more obvious the grooved groove, the same power equal, the same power is the same role Under conditions, the cutting speed will slowly reduce the problem of plasma cutting slope.

Fourth, the perspective of various points will also affect the problem of cutting slope, but this factor is generally unavoidable. It can only be more effective when installing the cutting gun. Avoiding the slope magnification.

5. Cutting experience is also very effective to avoid cutting the slope. Because some masters will find in the actual application.CNC plasma cutting machineDifferent edge cuts are different in the gap of plasma cutting.

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